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10 Wonderful Summer Vegan Camping Food Ideas

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Posted on May 29 2019

Recently, we’ve come up with the 10 most delicious and simplest vegan camping food ideas. We’re excited to share this amazingly practical camping food list with you enthusiastic campers today. Summer is close and we can’t wait to explore nature when it’s fully blooming. We welcome you to experience a completely plant-based camping trip. Do it happily with this smashing vegan camping food list. Ranging from energizing healthy breakfasts to mind blowing delicious dinners, your favorite vegan camping food list is right here with s’mores included!
Smell and taste never better, make your unique vegan camping food by embracing the gifts from mother nature. We wander in the arms of the woods, perceive the shiny greens alongside the streams... after a day’s trip, we sit around a campfire between the trees, talking over freshly made food from fresh berries just picked by hand and sipping drinks with our dear camping friends. This vegan camping food list is here to make more valuable memories for you with the people you love and care.
Before going to the recommended vegan camping dishes we’ve prepared for you, there are some preparations that you need to take before making all these easy-delicious wonders happen. In order to achieve the best taste, fresh ingredients are based as necessary. Use a mini freezer or cooler to make the full use of the food that you brought from home. Make it for more portable and sustainable uses with a portable power station. A good prep allows you to always cook the freshest vegan camping food on your campsite.




Coconut chia oatmeal

This easy healthy vegan camping food pick for breakfast is coming from our old camping food pal - oatmeal. Making oatmeal is quick and easy except for one tiny problem... It can be very plain tasting when it’s served with only water. You can get easily tired of the bland taste and couldn’t be able to have another bowl before taking a few days’ break. But things can always come around if we try to find new ways. A few alternations on the cooking process can completely transform the oatmeal into a new level of taste.


vegan coconut chia oatmeal
Source: Fresh Off The Grid


Add coconut milk instead of water to the oatmeal then finish with chia seeds and a few blueberry touches on the top. A gentle mix of coconut chia oatmeal is to be enjoyed in a matter of seconds.



One of the most popular vegan camping food is a pancake. It’s perfect to start a day with sunlight from the mountains afar and with these fresh homemade pancakes. Prepare your pancake mix at home and store it in a mini cooler at the trunk of your car. Cook it on your portable stove in the morning without a fuss.


vegan pancake
Source: The Curious Chickpea


Or you can make it more freshly at the campsite with a simple mix of flour, baking powder, sweetener, salt, and water. After cooking, cover the pancakes with maple syrup and fresh berries.


Hashbrown Foil Packs

Another easy delicious dish for vegan camping breakfast is hashbrown foil packs. A simple wrap of grated potato slices, salt, pepper, garlic and some vegan butter in foil will make a perfect preparation. Then put the foil on the fire until the grated potato slices are nicely crisped.


vegan hashbrowns
Source: straightupfood


It’s also good to cook the hashbrown in a pan. Cooking it inside the pan can make the mix more evenly heated. While cooking it on the fire can save more time for you to prepare another item ready.



Corn on the hob

Fancy some fresh corn for your vegan camping food? Corn on the hob is definitely a highlight for your camping trip. When the sun is up at noon, it’s enjoyable to have some rest under the shadows of the trees and sit around your campfire and have some freshly baked corn. You can cook it on a roasting stick over the fire directly.


corn on the hob camping
Source: chefsavvy


Boil it or cook it on fire, no matter which way of cooking you choose, the corn always taste great.



Tin foil veggie packs

Make your vegan camping food like a feast at dinner time. Add whatever you want inside a tin foil and place it onto the fire directly. It’s an absolutely easy way to cook for a feast-like camping dinner. Find your fresh ingredients in the woods or you can just bring them from home directly.


veggie packs camping
Source: Kraft Food


Anything. Potato, zucchini, bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms or anything else you feel like. Remember to have a list and prepare for everything you need for this great treat!


Veggie burgers and salad

These are most easily made vegan camping food before you go on a trip. Veggie burgers can never go wrong since you can either pick them directly from the stores or just put anything you used to have inside the burger.


veggie burger and salad
Source: uhp.com.au


Pack some washed spinach and salad dressing for making easy salads. Feel free to add some red onions, nuts, chickpeas, diced bell pepper, zucchini, and some sliced fruit bits.



Veggie sandwich

It might be best to take vegan camping food that only takes a little prep before going on a hiking trip. It doesn’t weigh much and can be small enough to fit in the corners of a backpack. If you ever feel the need to have a little break during hiking, small energy from a snack can be most beneficial for carrying your trip forward.


vegan sandwich camping
Source: lazycatkitchen


Prepare your veggie sandwich with some small sweet potatoes slices, avocado slices, fresh basil, and sprouts. Place them inside two slices of whole grain bread. And remember to take some hummus or hot sauces with you for better taste.



Here are your favorite vegan camping food treat - s’mores! The absolute camping classic first showed up in a camping handbook of 1929 as ‘marshmallow graham cracker sandwich’. Over the years, it has been developed in various sorts of forms including cakes, bars, milkshakes, and even popcorn. We’ve picked 3 most popular types of s’mores for both indoor and outdoor cooking: a classic s’mores sandwich that is going to treat you well to a sweet summer dream; a vegan gluten-free s’mores bar that is prepared with oven indoors; and an easy vegan s’mores pop that makes you wonder how easy it has always been to have the classic campfire treat.


Classic smores sandwich

The classic s’mores sandwich is made with graham crackers, vegetarian marshmallows, and dark chocolate. Feel free to add some peanut butter, jelly and jam into the sandwich. Toast the marshmallows on your kebab skewers and wait for them to turn a golden tinge and a melty center.


classic s'mores
Source: Fresh Off The Grid


Vegan smores bar

The ingredients are the same except for the forms of the graham crackers. Two layers of crackers crust would be laid at the top and bottom sides of the marshmallow. Place the crust, dark chocolate, and marshmallows on a square pan and wait for 20 minutes for a full oven bake.


s'mores bars
Source: blissfulbasil


Wait for it to fully cool down before cutting. A crusty vegan s’mores bar is to be long remembered in your vegan camping food memories.


Vegan smores pop

Create your own Nutella sauce with chocolate and hazelnut. Dip with your marshmallows then decorate the top with graham crackers crust. This is probably the easiest dish to make for a satisfactory taste of s'mores.


vegan s'mores
Source: namelymarly


Enjoy your feelings of satisfaction when you see these lovely marshmallow pops in front of your eyes!



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