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4 Reasons Why a Balance Bike is the Best for Toddlers

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Posted on July 17 2019

Balance bikes are the best for children who want to learn how to bike at a young age. They are mostly designed to fit young kids from 2-5 years old. They’re a lot lighter than normal chain-driven biking models. The wheels free spin and the bike usually has a comfy and adjustable saddle. You can easily adjust the seat to fit your kids’ height, letting them be free to sit or make it secure to move the bike while they walk. To move forward, the child pushes off the ground with their feet. They start by walking while sitting on the saddle, then they try to run followed by gliding with their feet off the ground. Balance bikes focus on training a child’s balance, steering, and body coordination. When you transition your child from a balance bike to a pedal bike, most balance bike graduates figure out how to pedal in just a few minutes. They jump on a bike and stay balanced, then just pedal away effortlessly. Unlike training wheels or tricycles, they are designed for children to practice their pedaling skills. Balance bikes allow children to accommodate to a pedal bike with more ease since they’ve already conquered the hardest part of riding, that is, balance.


Designed for young kids

Balance bikes are designed as small, light, narrow bikes for small children. They’re specifically framed without pedals or metal chains, which saves a lot of weight for the bike. The simplicity makes them light and easy to ride. They’re typically made of aluminum, wood, steel, and plastic. Aluminum provides the best balance of weight and durability. The wheels are normally smaller, so that you can start your child on balance bikes as young as 18 months or 2 years old. At ENKEEO, provide a balance bike with 10-inch wheels. It only weighs 9.9 lbs, which is easy enough for your children to carry and ride it around. Besides, the saddle on a balance bike is usually low and comfortable for the child. So they can have their feet on the ground to walk and run freely.


ENKEEO 10-inch balance bike


Regular bikes with training wheels are often large and heavy, making them difficult to handle  even for children of 3 or 4 years old. If you want to start your kid’s biking training early, a balance bike is a perfect choice for you. 


Safe on tough terrains

Balance bikes can be used on most surfaces, including the tough ones. They can easily and safely move over uneven grounds, or be used on sloping surfaces. Only equipped with two wheels, balance bikes are more flexible to be moved around compared to training wheels and tricycles. Those with more than two wheels often require all of the three or four wheels to be touching the ground, and those can easily get stuck on cracks or uneven sidewalks, corner, etc. Fewer wheels means less burden. Balance bikes are capable of going anywhere without much hindrance.


ENKEEO balance bike for kids


On sloping ground, balance bikes with brakes can be the best for children’s safety. That’s because the balance bike’s not likely to go fast, as the volition is depended on the kid’s running speed. Thanks to its breaks, it will be even easier for the rider to control an incline. However, bikes with training wheels tend to gain more speed especially on a downslope, which can create a potential for accidents if the kid loses control.


Years of fun

As we’ve understood from the sections above , balance bikes can go almost anywhere and do anything. They’re able to keep up with kids as young as 18 months to 5 years old. Your children can ride it anywhere ranging from your neighborhood to the wildest dirt trails in the forest. Its low weight, low center of gravity and simplicity allows it to be taken anywhere, offering much fun for the little rider. The rubber tires are filled with air, providing better cushioning and more grip onto the ground. The well-constructed wheels make the balance bike safer and freer to ride, especially when turning corners. That is almost impossible for any bike with training wheels, on which a child will find it difficult to turn sharp corners. Furthermore, most balance bike riders can ride great distances of up to a mile thanks to its lightweight design. Your child will be enjoying fun for years with a balance bike in their hands.


Easy transition to pedal bikes

Normally a child only needs 15 minutes or less to switch from the balance bike to pedal bikes. They only need to get used to the pedaling motion once they’ve graduated from balance bikes. A new pedal bike is needed for this stage as the size of the child also grows bigger. After years of fun and independent riding, the child is able to easily finish their transition from balance bikes to a pedaled one.


balance bike transition
Source: Bicycling magazine


They never need training wheels, and they never need to practice how to get balanced on a bike again. They’ve faced the most difficult parts of learning to ride a bike. Now it’s their turn to exploit their biking talents one step further - to enjoy more fun of riding with pedals and to cycle their way off into a greater distance.


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