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5 Best Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss at Home

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Posted on June 05 2019

Here at ENKEEO we have a series of exercise equipment all about efficient and effective weight loss.

Summer is here and it's time to show your sexy fit body! Surfing trips, happy days on the beach and water world, all outdoor recreations are waiting for you. However, losing weight in a short time can be tough in the busy June, especially going to the gym every day. Engaging in different business occasions, with the addition of our busy schedules, we can't help but wonder how can we exercise to lose weight conveniently and effectively in such a busy schedule.

Home exercise equipment is a great way to overcome this challenge and lose weight at your home’s convenience. No matter if you're looking forward to burning calories fast, training abs to flaunt at the beach or just shedding the excess fat, there’s a wide range of exercise equipment that can help to speed up the process for you. Even better, they can be easily integrated into your daily life. If you're looking for the best exercise equipment for weight loss, keep reading for a few great options.


Get Strong With Just a Pull-Up Bar

A good pull up bar is one of the best exercise equipment you can buy, purely because pull-ups are the finest upper-body exercise there is. A pull up is a "multi-joint upper body exercise" that puts all your upper body muscles into motion, especially your latissimus dorsi and biceps. Many fitness professionals would choose it to shed fat in the upper body and to gain muscles.


pull up

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To lose weight conveniently and effectively, you can place the doorway pull-up bar in any of the door case at your home. It works well and ensures that you don't have to go all the way to the gym to get the most out of your upper body workout. This exercise is a tough one for beginners, but stick to it and keep trying as it builds your muscles fast, along with providing increased core fitness.


Resistance Bands for Shedding Fat

Resistance bands are the most versatile exercise equipment. They help you shape, tone, and strengthen your body, and improve your flexibility and mobility at the same time. With this equipment, you will find that getting a dynamic workout doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. This form of exercise helps the muscles to look tighter and more sculpted, with the body being better shaped.


resistance bands


Resistance bands work by adding an extra resistance force that can be applied without having to hold extra weight per se. These bands are inexpensive, easy to use, and extremely efficient. When you utilize resistance bands on a regular basis, you will increase your metabolism, enhance the way your body burns calories and lose more fat. In addition, resistance band fat burning is effective because it gets your heart rate up while also providing resistance training. It is a necessity to in your fat loss plan.

No matter if you are new to regular fitness routines or a well-experienced veteran, you can put together this creative exercise equipment with a wide range of effective cardio exercises that will tone muscle, burn calories, and help you lose weight fast.


Fitness Vibration Trainer

When it comes to exercise equipment for weight loss, the fitness vibration trainer is about as good as its shown. That’s because it’s able to give you faster effects in a shorter time frame.

Fitness vibration trainers stimulate higher levels of gravity, or increase G-forces, through a platform that oscillates up and down at varying intensities. These simulated G-forces cause your muscles to contract dozens of times each second. Standing on the vibrating platform, you will feel that your muscles rapidly expand and contract as you try to regain balance, which effectively simulates a workout that's twice as hard.



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As a result, you will get a personal trainer that burns much more calories than other types of exercise equipment, which ensures a fruitful training for building muscles and losing weight. Every 10 mins’ training on the vibration platform equals a 60 mins’ regular aerobic exercise;  it is an effective solution to keeping you fit and doing regular workouts at home.


Build Lean Abs with the Old School Ab Roller

I know ab roller is not the most popular piece of exercise equipment, it seems old school. However, it has long been a simple and classic exercise tool for most fitness lovers. And it’s definitely better than those unwieldy looking crunches’ machines you see in today's gym.


ab roller


This magic tool, the ab roller, well, has one wheel or two, with small handles on both sides. Using an ab roller will burns calories and will decrease your waistline, combined with other exercises that target your core, it can also help strengthen your lower back and overall core muscles. According to the relevant study, it has been proven as an effective way to increase the strength and endurance of the abdominal muscles. If you master the exercise skills, then this exercise equipment would be an important factor in your weight loss plan.

The interesting thing is that this cheap exercise equipment is more efficient than many overpriced bulky machines; it is portable, small, easy to carry, and very effective. So you can use it at home easily and add it to any workout routine.


Get a Massage With Your Foam Roller

Foam roller, as an important part of workout routine, it is often used to relax tense muscles rather than doing a strength training.


foam roller

Source: AskMen


In the process of weight loss, many people would adopt high-intensity exercises to burn fat, which exerts great pressure on our body. So they need to do foam rolling alongside such a high-pressure workout. Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release (SMR), which is said to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, increase flexibility and restore muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and soft-tissue extensibility.

Using a foam roller before your workout gets the body warmed-up by increasing the blood flow to the muscles you’re rolling, this helps prevent injuries and increases your performance capabilities. Another way foam rolling helps in workouts is by applying pressure to specific points on your body, to effectively relieve tight and sore muscles. It provides the user with the ability to control the healing and recovery process by themselves. This exercise equipment performs like a fancy form of self-massage. Studies suggest that foam rolling after a workout can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, which greatly improves the range of motion.

This piece of exercise equipment is very beneficial for your body, so it is important to integrate one foam roller into your weight loss plan. If you are doing exercise and would like to reduce soreness, we recommend to use it every day and make it part of your workout routine.


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