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A Complete Guide: How to Lock Your Bike

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Posted on July 24 2019

Have you got a bike lock for your new bike? If you’ve already picked your bike lock, we want to show you how to get the best out of it. We’ll explain several ways of using different types of locks. So hopefully this guide will help you to choose your best locking strategies, based on the level of security and convenience you need. And if you’re still deciding which type of lock you should get, it’s even better. This guide will give you a clear idea on making the right decisions about getting the best bike lock for yourself after you’d have understood how you’ll secure your bike. 


Whatever type of lock you choose, as long as you pay attention to the location where your bike stands and the locking techniques, you can gravely reduce the likelihood that your bike will be stolen. At ENKEEO, we offer different types of locks, including U lockcable lock, and foldable lock. Feel free to visit our website after reading the article and understanding which types of bike lock you need!


Where to lock?


Crowded space

It’s better to choose a busy area where lots of people are walking past or is covered by CCTV. The crowd and the cameras can make thieves nervous. So they’ll be less likely to take action in a crowded space. Choose a bicycle rack where lots of bikes are already locked up. It’s ideal for the bike to be parked in the middle of the group of bikes instead of on either of the ends. If your bike is situated in the middle, that gives less room for the thieves to operate and use their tools efficiently. Sometimes you can even take the chances that there should be plenty of badly locked bikes that are more tempting to the thieves than your well-locked bikes. However, there’s data indicating that in most cities, the majority of bike thefts take place in crowded areas. We would say that those unfortunate cases probably just happened to the badly locked ones. The bike thieves are given a chance of maneuvering quickly and effectively when the bikes are loosely locked, unseen by a crowd. So it doesn’t matter which locations you choose to lock your bike, the most important is to ensure you’ve locked your bike well.


Immovable object


lock your frame
Source: webmail.stp.gov.py


Lock the bike on a fixed and immovable object that’s sturdy and tough. It’s only secure to lock a bike on an object that’s locked. Remember to pick a place where your bike can’t be lifted over the top easily. Avoid trees, aluminum signposts, chain fences and anything that’s easily broken or gotten rid of. Trees may seem to be an applicable choice, yet locking your bike to trees can damage the bark and stress the tree. So locking up to the tree should be avoided. It’s better to find something metal to lock up to. When locking on to an immovable object, make sure to check your surroundings too. If there’s only one bike on the post, remember to lock your frame and the metal post together, which guarantees the most extent of security to your bike.  


Don’t leave thieves with any chance

If you’re going to the places where you’re going to spend a lot of time in, such as a cinema or theater, you might want to leave your bike a couple of streets away. The thieves are likely to see they’ve got fairly enough time to work on your bike if you park your bike right out of these busy spots. Besides, if you’re going to leave your bike out in the public for some time, do not only use a cable lock to secure your ride. The cables can be easily snipped just in seconds. So using only a cable could easily expose your bike as an easy target for the thieves who’ve always been waiting. Remember to select a more sturdy type of lock like U lock to secure your bike and don’t leave the thieves any chances.


cable lock not secure
Source: togoparts.com


Always take precautions if you’re going to leave your bike for long. Another way to avoid making your bike an easy target is to give your bike a little bit of an imperfect look. Just add some tiny imperfections on your bike so it won’t look like brand new. That might discourage the thieves who’re finding the ‘perfect’ looking bikes. For example, put a piece of tape on your bike seat can create a flawed look and that can reduce the possibility that your bike will be targeted.


How to lock?


Lock your frame

When you’re locking your bike, the first rule is to always lock your frame. Remember to lock the frame and the wheel with an immovable object. If you only secure your lock through the wheel, a thief might simply remove your wheel and walk off with the rest of the bike.


Lock above the ground

Try to keep your bike lock away from the ground. If it’s close to the ground, a thief can use a hammer or use the ground as leverage in a bolt cutter to smash the lock against the hard floor. And that will break any locks that are not sturdy enough. You should also avoid using the top tube of the bike. If the lock is locked around the top tube, a thief can use the frame and break the lock by lifting and twisting the bike. So the bike lock should be up around the down tube or the seat tube.


Fill the space within a U lock


2 U locks
Source: Bike Forums


If you’ve got a U lock, try to fill as much space inside the U lock as possible. You can fill it with the parts of the bike and the post it’s attached to (such as the post of an immovable object). If there’s not much spare space inside the U lock, that can effectively discourage the thief to use their tools to break the lock. If they intend to break the lock, there would be more chances of damaging the other parts of the bike. The smaller the U lock, the better. It would also be easy to carry around a small U lock, meanwhile giving thieves less space to mount an attack on the lock. You can even use two U locks to secure your bike more effectively. The first lock goes around the back wheel, the frame, and the post (or bike rack). The second go around the front wheel, the frame, and the post as well.


Two locks and more

You can always take two locks when you want to ensure more security over your bike. You can take two U locks, or a U lock with a cable lock, a chain lock, or a foldable lock. When you lock your bike with a U lock and a cable lock or a chain lock, attach the U lock around the back wheel, the frame, and the post. Then use the cable lock or the chain lock through the front wheel, make several loops and secure the loop to the U lock. You can also substitute the U lock with a foldable lock, which has more flexibility on locking different parts of the bike.


multiple locks
Source: Davis Enterprise


You can lock your bike with the front wheel already removed. Attach lock around the back wheel, the frame, and the post as above. Then use the chain lock to surround the removed front wheel, if possible, with the post. In this way, the front wheel and the frame are both secured with two locks.  

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