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A Must-Have Camping Gear List For Your Trip

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Posted on February 26 2019

Are you looking for camping gear to prepare your upcoming vacations? Is outdoor adventure also an interest of yours? Don't worry if you have no clue what to prepare before camping. At ENKEEO, we have summarized some essential accessories for you for a better outdoor experience. 


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When your long-awaited vacation is finally upcoming, don't forget to pack some essential camping gears in your backpack. It is always good to know more about nature and wildlife by traveling around. Some camping ground with impressive scenery let you leave pressure behind. To refresh your mind in a quiet and nice place is always my main goal during vacation. Honestly, I didn’t know what should I put in my backpack before I started my first camping experience, and I think you may be in a similar situation now. Nevertheless, the more experienced camper you became, the easier it will figure out the right accessories on your own. Now as a camping lover, I had summarized some essential camping gear for you in order to improve your adventure experience.


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What Supplies Should I Bring To The Campsite?

From this section, you will find out what are the most important items wherever you are heading. These camping gear items are the most essential that you cannot miss when getting ready for your adventure. 


camping gear list
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Sleeping Bag

I know you would realize that the sleeping bag should be placed initially in the camping gear list. Even if you are traveling in the middle of summer, you can feel cold when the sun comes down. Unlike in cities, where you can always find shelter with ease, finding shelter in the forest is not that easy. A sleeping bag does not only keep you warm and toasty in whatever bad weather you are in, but it also cushions your body from the uneven ground. Some campers add a sleeping pad in the camping gear list as well for better comfort sleep, but I don't think it is necessary due to the large size.


sleeping bag
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Yes! A tent also needs to be listed among your camping gear must-haves. There is barely a reason for that because I don't want you to be exposed to the wild. Maybe a tent is not a necessity if you don’t mind to sleep in the vehicle. A tent provides you with a shelter in the dark, it protects you effectively from small bugs and harmful mosquitoes. Additionally, a tent is even more necessary when you travel in groups, light up your lantern and share stories! That is why I think you should put a tent in the camping gear list.


camping tent
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Medical Supply Box

No one would like to experience an emergency while enjoying the long-awaited trip. Even some campers choose to add some basic first-aid supplies among their camping gear items, but all outdoor adventure lovers should travel with a well-stocked medical supply box. That should include bandages, gauze, tape, tweezers, painkiller, antidiarrheal medication, antiseptic wipes, and more. Moreover, it is always good to select a brightly colored bag that is easy to spot.


medical supply
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Lantern & Flashlight

You always need to put a lantern or a flashlight in the camping gear list. There is no specific reason for this, I just want you to stay in light and warm in a cold and dark night. It provides you with 360°flood lighting and is either self-standing or/and hangable. Most camping lanterns are light enough to be carried to any camp and are very useful if you are outdoors or wandering in the middle of the forest at night. Most campers put it into their camping gear list not only to illuminate their way, but they also bring it into a tent to share stories! 


camping lantern flashlight
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Maps and Compass

Maps and compass are very essential to be listed in this camping gear must-have list. Even if you have GPS service and online maps on your phone, a real map and compass still remain important. What would happen if your phone is powered off in the wild or there is no signal around a mountain? The real map and compass will be the only choice for you. Safety is always the first thing every responsible camping lover considers, therefore, get a real map to find your way home or walk in the right direction. Now put it into your camping gear bag and get ready to explore the next fancy destination!


Map Compass
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Bear Spray

Mentioned by National Park Rangers, making noise or set up a bonfire in the camp is the most effective way to avoid bears. Noise and bonfires scare wild animals and let you stay safe without being disturbed. But if you encounter a bear in short distance, then the bear spray can protect you effectively from being attacked. It is highly recommended to put in your camping gear bag when you are traveling in national parks and forest.


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Camping gear always helps you whenever you are in need during a trip. Are there any other important camping accessories you think important? Do you have any funny camping experience to share? Please leave a common below and let more people know!


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