All You Would Like to Know About A Portable Power Station

All You Would Like to Know About A Portable Power Station

If you would ask me what is the gear you recommend to outdoor amateurs and campers in 2019, my answer is “a portable power station”.  Actually, since its boosts in the market in recent decades, customers show unprecedented interests on it. Data from Sina Finance indicated that the growth rate of global power factories increased by 193% and the tendency keeps on going up. Many companies are sure that the electric car, solar panel, and portable power station, are the future of the power industry.

What is a portable power station?

A portable power station, also known as a portable generator, or portable power source, is a lightweight and compact device. You can just refer it as a super-capacity multifunctional power bank, which can juice your electrical equipment on the way. It even has a variety of functions which come in handy during emergency situations such as it’s ability to act as an electric generator to run your lamp and fridge in case a natural disaster happens.

Why do I need a portable power station?

Compared with traditional power supplies like coal or oil, the electricity that a portable power station generates  is clean, safe and renewable. But what makes these portable generators so popular is the fact that they are valuable.

In the outdoors

With a portable power station, you never rough the life in the wild anymore. Not only do they provide a stable and whopping power source through AC, DC, car cigarette and USB ports, but they also are lightweight and they come with built-in handles for easily transportation.

A portable power station can help you to run a heater in a tent during the winter. It lets the induction cooker work to make hot, fresh breakfast in the morning. It juices all your mobile device like GPS, phones, pads, and laptops, to keep you in touch with the world - and there is more.

Some of the devices support solar panels, which means people can recharge the station through solar power. Therefore, as long as you have a sunny day during your camping trip, you will have all your devices juiced!

In emergency/ indoors

Situations like power outages following natural disasters and car accidents are something that no one wants to think about, but something that everyone should be prepared for. The portable power station is an ideal backup generator for indoors. It will power up your lamp and essential appliances. Besides, some of the power stations also feature LED lights and SOS flash which makes them an ideal helper in times of emergency.

How much I have to pay for a good portable power station?

According to data from Amazon, the average price of the Top 20 portable power stations is 513.78 USD, which is a relatively high tag. Some of them even reach over 700 USD. A lot of specifications influence the price. First, the capacity. The larger the capacity is, the higher the price will be. Among known brands, a 300wh generator needs over 200 USD; the 400wh one costs nearly 500 USD; if you want it to be 500wh, then it is a big investment around 600 USD. Secondly, if they hold the same capacity, the relatively lightweight and compact ones are normally more expensive. Last but not least, how many devices (input/output method) it supports, is a big point. Normally, a basic station should have an AC port, DC port, and USB port. Recent versions feature a QC3.0 USB port and support solar panels and more.

The more you know about a portable power station, the more desire you have to try this cool gadget. Here comes the news - ENKEEO is launching our first portable power station in 30 days! Check its fantastic features at a glance below.

Why ENKEEO S155 is your best choice?


As small as a ladies’ mini handbag with its 212 x 92 x 118 mm dimension, ENKEEO S155 is one of the most portable & powerful external battery.


It weighs only 1.68 kg, which could never be a burden on the go. You can easily pick it up thanks to its built-in handle. And, you can fold it in when it is not in use.

Whopping 155wh

Features a powerful 155Wh battery, the power station brings along a whopping amount of power, to fully charge your phones or tablets multiple times and runs any outdoor devices for hours.

Multiple input method

Built with 3 types of input ports, including  1 AC port, 2 DC ports, 1 QC3.0 USB port, and 2 normal USB outlets, the power supplier is able to juice multiple devices efficiently at once.

Solar panel friendly

Equipped with a DC MC4 to 3.5 x 1.35 connector, S155 is able to convert and store clean solar energy. Come to build the green planet!

Battery indicator

A large LED screen displays output method and shows the remaining energies. Besides, it features LED lights that can act as a lamp or an SOS flash.

Safety Protections

The ENKEEO S155 features a number of safety management system including over-charge, short-circuit, over-heat, and more offers a safe charging experience.  


Here comes the woo-hoo section! Different from many of the portable power stations, which are always over USD400, the ENKEEO S155 should give you a big surprise with an unbelievable price tag. We have to keep the exact price in secret before it releases on December, but what we can guarantee is that the S155 will not exceed USD160.

Product Specifications

Battery: Lithium-ion batteries

Capacity: 155Wh (14Ah/11.1V); or 42000mAh (3.7V)

DC Input: 15V/2A

Solar Panel Input: 13V~25V/2A Max

Recharging Time:10-11h (DC 15V/2A)

DC Output: 9-12.6V/10A (15A max total)

QC3.0 Output: 5-9V/2A

USB Output: 5V/2.1A (3.1A max)

Dimension: 212 x 92 x 118 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 1.68kg

Leave comment below if you want to know more about a portable power station :)

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