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Best 5 Outdoors Mother’s Day Activities

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Posted on May 11 2019

Mother's Day is the perfect time to spend quality family outdoor activities together. Try a new hiking trail, take a day trip in the national park, do an outdoor picnic that the kids would also like. Many people are organizing fun outdoor activities of "together time" for Mother’s Day.


Do you know what is moms favorite way to go outdoors? How to select an amazing outdoor plan in coordination with your mother?



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We should focus on two points when we plan an outdoor scheme. First, mothers need more effective company. Everyone who as a child should understand your mother's psychological needs. Company is the best gift for mother. Mother's day is just an opportunity to arouse people to care for their mother. To create a “together time” with sincerity. Plan to time, route, car location, and an itinerary for this activity, be a guide and provide comprehensive care. Second, spoil mum with a fun outdoor activity. Most mothers' internal world becomes smaller and smaller as they are older, you can bring them to go out and see the outside world. This is why many people choose to go outdoor with mom, they want to bring their mothers to see more of the world as mothers did in childhood. You might as well choose an outdoor activity you can get along with each other more, to achieve effective communication, to listen, to know a mother we have never tried to understand before. Next ENKEEO will recommend 5 best outdoor activities for Mother’s Day that you can go together.



Camping is always the preferred choice as an all-age outdoor activity. Go in the wild or wait for a sunrise crowded in a camping tent. Even in your backyard, go camping with setting up a tarp shelter and tent. All let you feel the parent-child intimacy. At night, you can set up the sleeping bag and take the mosquito zapper lantern in advance to look after your mom. Lying on blankets under the stars, families recall old times, sing songs, and learn new things you never know about childhood. Enjoy nature, chat with families, would be the most common but happy things. In such a warm outdoor activity, the long night offers many opportunities to pour out your heart.


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Have a Happy Picnic

Organize a pre-plan activity and head out to the great outdoors! Make the most of the wild season while it lasts. Prepare a simple meal with your mother, set up a tarp shelter and hammock to relax. Let your mom breathe fresh, grassy air, gaze the trees and the blue sky in the bosom of nature. I think many people appreciate the opportunity to return to a simple life close to family, a life with fewer distractions and more time to enjoy each others' company. So picking an easy picnic would be a nice outdoor activity in this season. Feeling the pleasure of laying on the grassland while reading a book, listening to music while you sleep or take a nice nap outdoors. This is a moment for you and your mother!



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Go to the Beach

Sunshine, sands, sea, waves and blue sky. If you have a family fancy sun and ocean, the beach will be a perfect outdoor activity on Mother's Day. There are more than a dozen beaches near to choose from that offer the expansive horizons, diffuse light and lazy time. Ask your brothers or sisters take part in the game and present a fancy cake for mother in the sunset. If there is a big group, don't forget to prepare a family-size beach blanket. At the same time, bring some sun protection or shelter to make sure your protagonist happy and comfortable. Mum playing with her kids on a trip next to the sea, what a lovely family concept! If not satisfied with watching the sea far away, just go into the sea and watch the beautiful ocean visions in another fun outdoor activity.


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Scuba Diving

Let us experience the wonders of the underwater world. If your mom is interested in activities that take place off-land, it is a fantastic idea to explore the unknown underwater landscape together. Choose full face snorkel masks that fit mom and you separately, check in your all diving gears, begin a fantastic ocean trip together. Quickly, you will be obsessed with the amazing spectacular view. There are thick corals and reefs with seaweed around you. See starfish, barracuda, grouper and other creatures living underwater, enjoy the fun of dancing with the fish group. Diving in the sea, an eye contact appears between you in the witness of fish and turtles. Will this let you think of the scene that the first time mother took you to Ocean Park? This is a special outdoor activity that gives you an opportunity to jog your memory, and hence leads to a great experience.


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Hiking with Mom

Many people may don’t remember exactly the hiking experience with mom. It’s something we do distantly and it feels like something never been done together. Try it once! This is an excellent outdoor activity for both you. We both like being outdoors, getting exercise, going on a trip, etc, but somewhere related to hiking together became more than just that. Hiking with mom is part of a healing process for both. You may meet some unknown issues or tired moments, it turns into a special experience through stumbling up the mountain. It is your time where you could talk or simply enjoy each other’s company in silence. This unique outdoor activity would be your unforgotten memory in life. It deepens both's convictions that gluing while hiking is a wonderful thing. Walk in the warm, spring breeze bath. Begin a special experience together now!


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What do you think is the best outdoor activity? Share your recommendations below and let all ENKEEO fans know what you think. Happy Mother’s Day!

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