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Bicycle Touring - A 700-kilometer Bike Trail through Scandinavia

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Posted on December 23 2019

A 700-kilometer bike trail to offer a great journey for all cycling enthusiasts! The Scandinavia, one of the northern part of European, attracts seasoned bikers and travelers from all over the world. From coastal scenery, dense, dark forests, pastoral countryside, to gorgeous coastlines and diverse landscape, the combination of the natural scenery from three kingdoms - Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, creates an exciting and pleasing nature experience. ENKEEO takes a trip from the Norwegian capital of Oslo to Copenhagen, prevents an ultimate slow travel adventure in northern Europe! Pack your bike equipment, ride your bicycle and view the Scandinavian wilderness through this 700-kilometer bike trail!


Cycling In Scandinavia – Follow the Map and Local Signs

A 700 kilometer-long bike trail from Oslo (Norway) to Copenhagen (Denmark), leads a spectacular journey by bike through Scandinavia. Start from the Norwegian capital of Oslo, arrive Smögen after 255 kilometers of rolling off the surroundings. You will view the stunning scenery of the Norwegian Fjords and a lot of low, tiny islands. Keep riding south, across the vast landscape and small mountains to turn into the lush scenery of Sweden. 300 kilometers of riding and diverse landscape to view. Then ride from Varberg (Sweden) to Copenhagen (Denmark), it is an only 135-kilometer bike trail away from the last part of this journey.


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Ride on the coastal sections through Scandinavia, enjoy the delicious crabs in the Arctic Ocean, appreciate the beautiful views of night harbors, green woods, rolling hills and deep forests. If you are a backpacker who likes slow travel, this bike travel certainly gifts you an unforgettable experience in your life.


The Spectacular Nordic Landscape along Scandinavia's Coastlines

The beautiful landscape of Scandinavia is all about the endless harbors and coastal scenery. Start at the Norwegian capital of Oslo where the green hills meet the sea. You will see the incredible Fjords with an airy and green appearance, gives you great motion to explore and discover new roads. Make your way through Varberg, a coastal town filled in a terrain of hills and plains for those who enjoy cycling and hiking in the forest, and ride along the Gothenburg archipelago, where is close to Varberg. You will discover neoclassical architecture along quaint streets and graceful canals on the Swedish coastline.


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Go forward 34 kilometers long along the coast with deep forest and surround yourself in a breath-taking view between the suburbs and urban sights. Spend the nights in the great outdoors with a sleeping bag or camp tent. You can enjoy incredible night views in the starry, clean sky, which means it is a gorgeous unique nature experience in Europe. Travel to the cosiest city of Copenhagen, where you’ll appreciate Frederiksstaden, Frederik's Church, Tivoli Gardens, royal palaces and canals lined with pastel-colored houses. In this way, the bike trail offers you an in-depth guide to the historical and cultural customs of this region.


Appreciate the Northern Lights in a Clear Sky 

One of the highlights of this bike trail is watching the northern lights, the stunning lights blazed in the sky. These lights begin with a slight streak of green, then deepen and grow, play across the dark sky in swirls of green, purple, blue and yellow, as if they would make dramatic sounds like striking, looping spiral, firecracker shooting, etc. However, these are utterly silent, leads you in a pure visual feast of the perpetual dancing, flowing, and changing shades. The cold, clear winter night sky in Scandinavia is perfect for viewing the magical nature splendor, you can come between October and March, which is the best time to see some of the most impressive aurora borealis. Enjoy slow travel in the Scandinavia, camp in a cloudless, clear night, you’ll surely be impressed with the dazzling in the sky and feel lucky to view the greatest view in the earth.


northern nights
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Experience True Wilderness in the North-east Scandinavia

While passing through the north-east Scandinavia, you will discover the great wilderness in this wonderful land. The bike trail takes you through the dense woodlands, deep forest, and vast plains and you can stop at any time for incredible wildlife - reindeer, moose, beaver, brown bear and maybe even a dear or lynx. There are plenty of campsites for backpackers all along this bike trail. You’ll always find a place to light a fire, set a shelter, water, and a quiet spot to live in. If you want that more sense of northern-Europe life, keep your eyes open for local animals and plants, try local foods like berries, oysters, crab, etc. for a bit more sustainably, locally and naturally.


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Slow Travel - 10mph Speed Along the Scandinavia

Cycling 700-kilometers of the Scandinavia bike trail at a speed of 10mph. While the aurora borealis impress you with the great visual impact and blockbuster romances, there’s much more to appreciate and taste in the land. Slow down to visit some of Scandinavia’s cultural and historical attractions, fill your several days with a fresh style known as the slow movement. Cycling at 10mph helps you to build up connection to the local life with perfect rhythm - connection to the road, food, song, and to people, then you slip into the pace of another culture naturally. Slow travel is every biker's dream, to help you appreciate the planet with a perspective on two wheels. Sitting on the saddle, exploring the fascinating cultures you’ve never heard before, watching the absolutely, breathtaking spectacular landscapes and natural wonders which you won’t see anywhere else in the world....... you step into a peaceful space here and now.


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