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Create Your Perfect Home Gym with 6 Equipment Essentials for Less Than $150

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Posted on November 30 2018

As the days in Winter are getting colder and shorter, more people turn to the gym to workout. As a fitness buff (and a sport-brand team member), I was planning to create a gym at home for a long time. I was doing detailed researches and interviewed a few home-gym owners about the ideas and experiences to build a home gym. At the same time, I have slowly started selecting a few items for my home gym. If you are curious about home gyms, or you are desiring to build one, this is the article you are in. Based on all the researches and interviews I have done, the following content includes 6 essential pieces of equipment, which are functional, versatile, occupies little space and in a reasonable budget.

Pull Up Bar

budget: $ 25

 (image via carousell)

This is the first gear that people will see before entering your gym room and it is located above the doorway. All you need to support the bar is your door frame - it won’t hurt your frame at all thanks to the leverage method design. People can do pull-ups and chin-ups with it. Most of the bars can be placed on the ground as well to support exercises like push-ups, leg raises and more.

Shortly, a pull-up bar is able to fit most of the regular push/pull up training goals and strengthen your muscles. It is also a space saving solution since it only lives above the doorway. Based on the data on Amazon, a basic pull-up bar costs around 25 USD.


Yoga Mat

Budget: $ 18

 (image via enkeeo)

A yoga mat is a functional tool to provide a soft space for warm-ups, stretches, and more muscle relief exercises after the workout. The mat can also act as a fence to separate the exercise space from your living spaces.

Even if currently you just made up a corner in your living room to be a home gym, a yoga mat is an essential down there. You can roll it up when not in use, which won’t occupy a lot of space. Whenever is yoga time, you can turn on the TV, play Yoga videos, and take the mat out in the middle of your living room to do exercise.  If you seldom do yoga but obsess on core muscle training with ab rollers, foam rollers etc, consider an exercise mat. It is thicker than a yoga mat, to place your heavy gears like steppers, spinning bike, etc.


Mini Stepper

Budget: $50

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A Mini Stepper is great for strengthening & toning your whole body. By simulating a stair climb, you'll improve your muscles on the glutes and legs on your lower body. Most of the machine will come with a pair of elastic bands, with which you can keep balance and train your muscles on the chest, arms, backs, and shoulders.

The American College of Sports Medicine suggests 60 to 90 minutes of cardio, five days a week to lose weight. With a mini stepper in a home gym, you are easy to achieve your weekly fitness goal without disturbing the gym downstairs. As a machine-like equipment, a mini stepper is not expensive at all. The average price on the market is around $50.


Resistance Band

Budget: a set of 5 resistance band costs around $10.

(image via enkeeo)

Resistance bands are one of the most inexpensive and portable equipment for a variety of workouts. The band can work with a variety of fitness projects and help in building lean muscle, especially for the lower body. There is a lot of training you can do with a resistance band, such as ankle jumping, banded walks, fire hydrants, and more.


AB Roller

Budget: $ 18

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What makes an ab roller worth to purchase for a home gym is its ability to engage your entire core, burn calories and improve your overall endurance. Most of the ab rollers are made of stainless steel to ensure long-lasting durability and withstand up to 450 lbs in weight. It features non-slip rubber on the wheels to roll stably on any floor. It should perform better on an exercise mat.


Wrist Ball

Budget: $ 25

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A wrist ball also names as gyroscope ball, which is mechanical and self-powered based on inertia and gyroscope method. It is widely used to strengthen your finger, wrist, and forearm a physical & gentle way - which traditional fitness gears have no idea to train. It is friendly to teenagers and elders. The faster it spins, the more resistance you feel. A good wrist ball can generate more than 20kg weight.

You can prepare a wrist ball in your home gym as a portable warm-up gadget.  Moreover, if you work in an office that uses mouse a lot, or you have kids or elders to share the home gym, a wrist ball is much more valuable to take care of the wrist.

Here we went through the 6 pieces of equipment for a home gym. The total cost is $146 (for all the 6 pieces together!) without any install fee. All of them do not require any complicated installation. Buy it, place it in your gym room, and it is ready to use. The last suggestion is to install a mirror in your gym room, to make the space larger, at the same time it helps to monitor your gesture by yourself.

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