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Fun Father’s Day Ideas: Take Your Dad on an Adventure!

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Posted on June 12 2019

"A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society." -Billy Graham

With the upcoming annual Father's Day on June 16th, 2019, people are looking for gifts for their fathers. Studies show that your money deserves to spend more on your time together. So, why not express your dad a touch of love and care by taking him on an adventure this Father’s Day? Take in the great outdoors by picking a mountain climb, or going for a bike ride through a forest preserve. Plan a fun adventure and make memories that you and your dad will never forget. Both you and dad will enjoy the chance to develop a closer relationship without the distractions from electronics such as your smartphones.


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At ENKEEO, we recommend a series of fun adventures. Simply follow us and take your dad on an amazing trip.


Go for a hike

Stretch your legs with your dad this father’s day by taking a walk in the mountains and experience a fantastic adventure together with great scenery and endless greens. Pay attention to your surroundings, there definitely are some pretty trails within two hours of where you live. These trail adventures are waiting for your footprints.


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Take your spotting cameras and prepare the telescoping trekking poles. I have heard that morning is the best time to go bird watching, as well as spotting deer, moose and other animals in your surroundings. Or if you would like a trail trip in the mountains, marvel at the towering mount while you hike or explore mysterious creatures in the great rivers and forests. Take along your military-grade camping compasses as well as your polarized sports sunglasses and plan a complete hiking route in advance. By doing so, you can fully prepare for the hiking trip ahead. Enjoy nature happily with dad on a great adventure!


Have a backpacking & camping adventure

Head into the woods with your camping gear this Father’s Day. Whether you head to a campsite for a day out, or decide to set up a tent under the stars, this will be a great outdoor adventure. Pick your favorite place: anywhere in the forest, mountains, or next to a lake. You can find at least one destination which meets both dad's expectations and your own. We’re sure that some destinations can even be found close you where you live. Cooperate with dad to pitch a tent, start campfires, do a little stargazing and handle a great deal of other activities during your Father’s Day adventure.


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Going camping with dad translates a regular adventure into a meaningful adventure, and both of you will always remember it. It enhances the connection between father and child while helping you build a lifelong bond.


Spend a quiet fishing afternoon

Fishing is a great chance to bond with your dad, no matter if you would like to spend one day at a local fishing hole or cast your line into the deeper waters. Nothing could be better than challenging a fishing adventure for an angler dad.


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Bring your fishing gear and enjoy an afternoon of peace and quiet. With smooth cooperation, it is a good feeling to wait for the biggest fish together with your dad for hours. You'll both love the fishing adventure to share each other's angling experience and enjoy the happy time outside in nature. This trip will give you memories that last forever.


Hit the rocks

There is nothing like celebrating Father’s Day to dad than going on a thrilling rock climbing adventure, in which dad can have a friendly competition with you and admire ultimate sports' charm. The best part of climbing is the sense of participation. Climbing inevitably gets the whole body up, moving arms and legs to reach the top, and you will quickly shift focus on discovering novel things and changes in the great adventure.


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Aside from its climbing charm, rock climbing is beloved by climbers because of its gorgeous destinations. You'll find every kind of climbing terrain, including sea cliffs, mountain ridges, sunny crags, and canyon walks. Beautiful rocky scenery makes for some of the most beautiful geological architecture you'll ever see. Impress your dad to visit an exciting race in Zion National Park or admire the stunning rock views at Joshua Tree National Park. Rock climbing is a thrilling adventure that takes us out of the ordinary, give it a shot this Father's Day!


Pick a destination for a bike ride

In honor of Father's Day, show your dad care by taking him on to an exciting ride adventure! Passionate about cycling? Love cycling but lack of experience? Whether you would like to begin a trip for professional riding or recreational purposes, there’s sure to be a cycling route suitable to you.


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Regardless of how far the destination is, remember to view the scenery on the way. The wind in your hair and beautiful nature will be the best part of this trip. Whether you’re cycling through the city streets or the quiet countryside, cycling offers a delightful adventure to share with your dad. Just in case, remember to bring your bicycle accessories before you begin your summer riding trip with dad!


Take an ultimate American road trip

We all have waited for a long time to be able to say that it's summer. And what would be a better way to start this season of long days than going on the ultimate road trip?

It is a wonderful father-child bonding drive. You'll spend hours on the road singing to your favorite tunes and getting off the beaten path. Imagine that a long road through the countryside, shaking the window down, happy radio blasting your eardrum. We don't recommend special adventure routes, but it is always nice to put some beers in the trunk of your car. Stop at random spots on the way, across state lines, or try the pizza just off the interstate and view an unexpected beautiful roadside sunset. This is the ultimate adventure for travel lovers, why not have a try on Father's Day?


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