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Have a Funny-Scary Campfire Party In this Halloween!

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Posted on October 25 2019

Celebrate a campfire party and go camping in this Halloween! Try spooky and exciting games to scary your companies in this scary and funny night.

Halloween is all about a little bit of scary, right? So why don’t you have a funny yet scary celebration in this Halloween season. People tend to crowd together and share fun stories that lead to a sleepless night, teenagers welcome the gore and ghost stories with open arms, children play games with the familiar scream of "trick-or-treat.” This is an amazing evening of spooky surprises around the glow of a fire. Next, follow ENKEEO to get some creative ideas and plan for your upcoming Halloween campfire party.


Scary Halloween Campfire

Get into the Halloween spirit by hosting a campfire story party! The old Ouija board flickers on at random, the spooky stories that become so much more frightening when told around a campfire. The camp fire is a beloved and indispensable outdoor tradition for Halloween. It is the central part of the October celebration as well as one of the roots of Halloween traditions. And what better time to have fun sharing scary tales and spooking than when camping at the Halloween festival? So strike your match, light a campfire, and get ready to scare.

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To build the fire, the first step is creating your fire bed on a designated fire area or bare earth. Then gather your wood. The kindling that consists of small sticks; firewood that keeps your fire hot and burning, and some tinder such as small twigs, hay, dry leaves, or needles. Then stack a small cone of kindling and add several larger logs on the top. Light the tinder and blow lightly on the base of the stack. As the fire burns, you can move embers to the central to burn them completely. This roaring campfire will create a scary yet funny atmosphere. Just begin your scary Halloween night with the crackle of a campfire and s’ mores!


Creative Camping Meals

Imagine sitting with your family or friends and roasting some marshmallows over the campfire. Adults and kids can camp in “circle”, cook camping foods and discuss the stories and history behind some Halloween traditions. Neighbours can sit together to get to know each other and share cooking facilities. You can furthermore pack up some foil and cast-iron skillet to make your meals in the great outdoors. Some recipes such as french toast, cinnamon rolls, potatoes, banana boats and cheesy fries, all can be easily cooked in this fall camping trip. If you don’t like cooking, just pack up some in your trunk. Stack them in a collapsible wagon and push the wagon around the “circle”. Hot chocolate and a variety of hot drinks and snacks will add some fun in the interesting evening. Halloween night meets campfire cooking with this funny-scary autumn party. Caramel apples, fire-roasted hot dogs, s' mores and vegetable kabobs, yep, it is that exciting time of this year!

 campfire food
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Campfire Spooky Stories

Once you’ve set the scene for the scariest campfire Halloween party, it is time for scary stories! Nothing would be more spooky yet exciting than telling scary stories with the glow of a flickering fire. At the same time, it definitely will be a precious chance to connect with your children, family and friends. People sit in a circle round the fire, drinking from time to time and talking in a slow, soft voice very mysteriously. Old-fashion funny tales for the children, the lady in the veil to scare the teens, and spooky urban legends to make people gathered close to the fire and the storyteller. You can speak in a low voice and pause before the punch line, people will focus all the attention on you and sit more closely. Hold a flashlight under your chin and scream suddenly at the end of the story. This is bound to be an unforgettable campfire night.

 scary stories
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Waterproof Shelter and Tents

The campfire party is held outside, you will find that the fire is easy to be influenced by other external factors such as sand, wind, or rain. When you choose your destination, you can pick up a flat area to station. Select a fine fireplace in the middle and pitch your tents around it. In this way, you will get a perfect position to celebrate your party, children and pets are also easy to take care in the “circle” of the tents. In case of inclement weather, you can set up a large tarp shelter on the top of your shelter. Add some spooky decors and creepy-looking objects around your shelter, tents and even your cars. Wear your costumes and celebrate the wild Halloween party as people trunk-or-treat around the campfire. It is fun for everyone!



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