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How Effective Is The AB Wheel  

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Posted on January 22 2019

Do you know what AB wheels are? As a fitness lover, I love to workout at the fitness room every day. However, there is less time to spend in here after I graduated from university. You know what, to concentrate on your career is not an easy thing, I have to be ready for ‘duty calls’ all the time. When things happen like that, I would like to work out at home when there is less time to spend in the fitness room. To train your muscles, this is where the AB wheel comes in handy. In this article, ENKEEO will explain whether AB wheels are useful. 


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What Are AB Wheels? 

People may not use AB wheels because there is so many fitness equipment in the gym. Others may not even know what is it or what it looks like. Thus, to start off this article, I would first like to cover “what AB wheels are”. 

AB wheels are fitness equipment which requires little technique. Trainers and athletes often use it to train their core muscles. I have bought one in my apartment like half years ago. In my own words, the AB roller just looks like a wheel with handlebars on each side. You roll it when you use it, it is important to keep your feet on one point and then the rest of your body can move forward and backward in different directions. This is how AB wheel works. 


AB wheel
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However, due to the fact that AB wheels have been on market for so many years, there are many different types available. Even this topic is not about what kind of AB rollers suit you more, but it is still necessary to let you notice some differences if you are a beginner. I suggest beginners should have one with wider wheels, it keeps you in great balance and it prevents you from falling. First thing first is to keep the balance right? Of course, a thinner wheel is also a perfect selection. With a thinner wheel, you may push harder and concentrate more on your workout. 


AB roller


Honestly, I got my abdominal muscles with combining strength exercising and the AB wheels. Some guys may consider whether AB rollers work as they imaged, it may not be related to some pressure training. Below, we will explain why do the AB wheel does or doesn’t work as expected. 


The Standpoint From Expert's Knowledge 

The effectiveness of your AB wheels cannot be determined by only me, even I am a gym lover and workout at there like 4 to 5 times per week. Maybe I can provide some general ideas to new muscle builders, but the details information is still hard to provide on my own. This is why I need to introduce you to my friend Jack who spent 6 years on building muscles. 


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Jack shared his ideas about the AB wheels and mentioned that “People’s spine stays in perfect position when their muscles are well-balanced. You can easily keep good posture if your spine stays stable.” To work with the AB roller requires the cooperation of your muscles, it allows these muscles to contract as a group. On the contrary, if you concentrate too much on abdominal muscles, your back may suffer from core muscular imbalance. Thus, the AB wheel is capable to keep your body well-shaped if you got less time in the fitness room, Jack said. 

Overall, the AB wheels do work! By combining other core muscle training with the AB roller, and with a healthy, balanced diet, you will find out a quick muscle growth in a short time. 


How Should We Avoid Injury During Working Out 

Even the AB wheel looks small and lightweight, you will still hurt yourself if you don’t use it properly. Proper technique is necessary to prevent muscles strain when working on the AB roller. When using it, you need to hold the exercise handles and kneel on the ground. Then put the wheel on the ground beneath your shoulders, your arm and back should stay straight and then push the handles forward slowly. During the working out process, it is better to keep your abs contracted and avoid arching your back because we want the best effort, don’t we? Try your best to roll forward under the condition of your body remains straight. Then, use your abs to pull you back to the original position. You need to repeat this move 10 to 12 times and keep using the AB roller in order to receive a well-shaped body. More importantly, during your working out with the AB roller, you should keep your body contracted and stay in balance. Even not like heavy dumbbells you need to pull over year head. However, a single falling from the AB wheels may still hurt you for some reasons. 


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After all this information and talking about the AB wheel, I feel like using it right now! What about you? Are you ready to start your core muscle practicing with the AB wheels? Let us know in the common section below how you experienced your first training session with your AB wheel. 


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