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How to Choose A Camping Lantern Before Going On An Adventure

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Posted on January 11 2019

When you visit a forest and stay overnight, it is a terrible thing to loot items from your pack, while doing so, trip over chairs because it’s dark. This is why a camping lantern certainly is a necessity when going out camping. Thus, to choose a suitable camping lantern is significant before you start your journey. Throughout this article, ENKEEO will teach you how to pick the best camping lantern for your journey.


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Types of Camping Lantern

There are a variety of outdoor lighting options available on the market, including flashlights, headlamps, and camping lanterns. They are featured with different functions. Flashlight and headlamps are easy to carry around, which makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use alike. However, this article concentrates on outdoor camping lanterns, the different types of which will be introduced below.


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Electric Camping Lanterns

The electric camping lantern is powered by a battery or an other electrical source. There are many varieties of electric lanterns in this world. Electric lights are designed by different demand and operating conditions. Some lanterns are big as a gallon milk jug to light your tent, whereas others feature a small design to fit in your pocket. Electric light is a perfect choice for outdoor recreation lovers to use in camping events. Its lightweight and convenient characteristics make it be the NO.1 choice among all types of camping lanterns. However, due to bulb differences, it may not be as bright as other types of camping lanterns on the market.

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Most electric camping lanterns contain rechargeable batteries or are charged by solar power. Thus, you won’t need to worry about the battery running out while there is no replacement.

The most important thing you need to consider is that what type of bulb should you use in your camping lantern. The classic bulbs may offer you a brighter illumination but it follows with higher battery consumption. However, electric light with LED technology may solve this problem as it consumes less electricity than the classic one. The LED light saves more energy and consumes less of the battery. The feature of safety, long-lasting working duration, lightweight and affordable price makes it a great invention among all types of camping lanterns. This makes it be the first option to all camping lovers.


Fuel Camping Lantern

Another kind of camping lantern runs on fuel. The fuel lantern often is the first choice when more light is required. It can operate with several types of fuel resources, such as liquid fuel and propane.

Liquid fuel camping lanterns are the most used type in the past. The fuel these lanterns use is called “the wight gas” (naphtha). You need to pour the liquid fuel into the small gas tank first, then the fuel tank in your lantern needs to be pressured. It may be inconvenient to take these steps to light up a fuel-powered camping lantern, but it generates more light compared to the electric camping lantern.


Liquid fuel camping lanterns
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The propane camping lantern is another type of fuel-operated camping lantern. This camping light is less bright than the liquid-fuel light but it is lighter in weight and more affordable. It uses 1 pound of disposable propane cylinders, and you don’t need to worry about pouring fuel and possible spillage. Propane lanterns come with a pressure regulator, which contributes itself to be more stable and controllable during operation. However, there is one important rule that should be followed when using the fuel-consumption lantern. It can not be used at enclosed spaces such as your tent as it will create a lot of heat when in use. You furthermore need to keep it away from flammable materials, pets and kids.


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Things to Keep in Mind Before You Buy a Camping Lantern

Professional camping lovers always keep few things in mind when choosing a camping lantern. The days of being outdoors, weather conditions or night walk preference. When it is time to choose the camping light, it is important to choose the most suitable one according to your preference.


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How Long Do You Stay Outdoors?

It is important to choose a new camping lantern before you attend to a new journey. When picking the right lantern, there are certain things you need to keep in mind such as the length of your trip and what type of power source you like to use. It would be a terrible thing to stay overnight in a forest when all lights are out without having a proper camping lantern at your side. If you plan to stay at the forest for several days, then a rechargeable camping lantern will be a great option.


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Is the Lantern Water Proof?

Camping lanterns are easy to get damaged by water and they may not be fully functional once they got wet. Rain and natural water sources can be avoided, but what if the water enters your lantern by accident? The feature of waterproof protects your lantern in a better way and the price wouldn’t be much higher than those of regular camping lights. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get yourself a waterproof camping lantern.


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How Bright You Want It To Be

The brightness of your light is measured in Lumen. If you fancy a night walk with your lantern, then a light with a higher lumen will be a good option. However, if you like to stay in your tent, then normally 100 lumen will be more than enough for the benchmark for selecting your camping lantern. 


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