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How To Choose Your Snorkel Mask  

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Posted on February 01 2019

Do you like snorkeling? If it is one of your favorite outdoor activities, or you just have an interest to learn, then, a snorkel mask that fits you perfectly will help you to find out the wonders of the ocean world. Different from the land world, there are all kinds of wonderful creatures such as corals, shells, starfish, and so on. Maybe you don’t have diving experience, but from the moment you step your foot into this sport, you will find out how beautiful the underwater world really is. In addition, snorkeling is not only a wonderful adventure, but also it is an educational activity from which your kids can learn a lot about sea creatures during their holiday. Image that, diving with your kids and tell them about the culture of Atlantis. They will be more interested to learn than ever before. For professional frogman, it seems to be a simple matter to select the right equipment. But what about a beginner? How do you pick up the suitable outfit? No need to worry about this, because ENKEEO will teach you how to find the right snorkel mask before you dive. 


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What are the different types of snorkel masks?

When you have decided that you are interested in snorkeling, then the first thing you should consider is buying a proper snorkel mask. I am not saying other equipment are not important, however, throughout this article, we just focus on the snorkel mask.

There are a verity of snorkel masks on the market, including the easy-breath mask, single-window mask, double-window mask, and spearfishing mask. You can choose any of these masks by your own preferences. However, there are always different functions due to the different Snorkel mask design. 


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First thing first, from my point of view, the easy-breath snorkel mask has the coolest appearance design. It is designed for new diving players, the open inner spaces allow you to breathe both with your nose and mouth. The 180°panoramic vision provides your more enjoyable recreation visibility under the water. Moreover, this snorkeling mask usually consists of a dry snorkel which extends upward from the top of the mask. Such a design ensures you to breathe freely through your nose and mouth. You just need to put on the mask and make sure your face is well sealed. However, this snorkel mask seems not as practical as you imagine. As mentioned above, full-face diving masks are not designed for diving in the ocean because the mass air inside of your mask may release great pressure, which can not be alleviated even underwater. In addition, some people mentioned that it is inconvenience to breathe in a mask, the difference in temperature creates a fog that may block your vision.


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Then comes to the sing-window mask, this diving goggle also provides good view under the water. Some masks contain a silicone band which ensures it safer to hold them in place, while others have a textile band that doesn’t tie around hair, which is better for people with long hair. The double-window mask is capable to reduce the probability of water immersion with more effectively. It offers protection for your eyes. These masks can be used while wearing your own glasses or contact lenses. Finally, there is the spearfishing mask. This kind of snorkel mask is normally designed with a smaller size, which declines the air losing speed and provides you with safety. They usually come in a dark color or they are painted in camouflage in order to not scaring wildlife. The rest of the design looks similar to both the single-window mask and double-window mask.


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The overall design of the other three snorkel masks are similar, thereafter, it saves time to summary them into one. 

When thinking about what snorkel mask you are looking for, it is better to focus on its design and material. Some diving goggles employ PVC or silicone as material. The edges of the mask (the part that engages faces) should be well sealed. Although the silica gel product is far more expensive than others, they are greater in toughness, which enhances the sealing effect and comfort of a snorkel mask. 

To provide a preferable view seems really important for a snorkel mask. The perfect diving goggle lenses should be made from high-quality impact resistant glass rather than plastic. The number of lenses in your mask can not only affect your safety, but also the vision under the water. You need a good visual condition to experience the sea world, right?

Beautiful places that you would wish you have a snorkel mask

Even you have the right snorkel mask, you also need a beautiful place to dive. I have rounded up some of the best snorkeling places that I hope will stimulate your motivation to try snorkeling. The first place is Barracuda Point, Malaysia. There is a thick coral wall with barracuda around you when you are snorkeling, you will discover a lot of amazing creatures here. It is the home of the white tips, turtle, grouper, and bumphead parrotfish. Moreover, Yongala (Australia) is another beautiful place to follow, this place is actually a sunken ship that lets you discover the forgotten scenery. Of course, don’t forget about the manta rays, octopuses, bull sharks, and turtles. Beautiful visions for adventures, now, grab your snorkel mask and go under the water. 


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