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How to Train Your Abs Muscles Indoors Like a Professional?

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Posted on March 08 2019

Is being muscular a dream of yours? Is your fitting objective to achieve 6-pack abs muscles? Would you like to present a nicely shaped body on the summer beach? You don't have to worry if you are not sure what skills you should focus on or what equipment you should use. Throughout this article, ENKEEO has summarized some core tips for you to shape a stronger body.




When the long-awaited summer finally arrives, putting on your swimwear and going to a water recreation center is a good way of enjoying life. I usually work out hard in winter in order to have well-shaped abs muscles. As a result, I will be better-looking when I am on the beach or swimming in the sea. However, getting a 6-pack requires great patient and endurance for a long time. According to my experience, to be a muscle builder is not an easy way as it costs too many efforts and energy and people may easily give up when they get tired of it. Nevertheless, fitness doesn't require you to sweat at a gym 7 days a week like professional bodybuilders. To a simpler way, proper fitness combines diet and weight training to stimulate muscle regeneration. As a fitness lover, I will tell you the simple ways to achieve your abs muscle quickly and safely. 


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What to Focus on to Achieve 6-pack?

You will find out the most important and effective 4 steps of achieving abs muscles as a professional muscle builder. The following tips are essential as it combines both working out and diet recommendation.


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Aerobic Exercise is not Avoidable

The growth of Abs muscle requires the support of aerobic exercise. It pumps oxygenated blood into the heart and it delivers oxygen to operate the muscles, which stimulates heart rate and breathing rate in order to keep the training process continuously. Daily proper cardio contributes to reducing extra weight and it speeds up the way of getting those 6 abs muscles. 


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Study presents that 6-pack abs muscle exists in everyone, but people with different body shapes hide their abs muscles under the fat. The cardio is a commonly-known way of reducing it, your abs muscle will appear in a quicker way thanks to the aerobic exercise. According to Nolan, a professional bodybuilder: “the best way of losing weight is aerobics, you will receive perfect abdominal muscles if you continuously do it for 4 or 5 times per week in the gym”. Alternatively, you can also involve in 30 minutes of moderate activity each day. Think for example about walking, running, biking, or swimming. All these activities can help you to engage in your daily abs muscles training.


Don’t Forget Anaerobic Exercise

It is easy to find out the difference according to the name, it is a fast way of letting you out of breath. Different from the previous training, it consumes energy even faster and reduces the oxygen in blood while training abs muscles. It refers to some heavyweight training such as lifting, dumbbelling, and more. Hard works are not avoidable as the process of muscle growth is to self-regenerate after tearing. Please keep in mind, only abdominal exercise will not reduce the weight at all. For better performance, it is highly-recommend to combine both anaerobic and aerobic exercise to stimulate muscle growth. "Abdominal crunches, bridges, and planks are generally defined as the most effective way of achieving abs muscle. Added to that, you should also use the abs roller to for best results" Nolan mentioned. "The electric abs stimulator works nothing like your expectation. It may only release the pain after working out but does not train your muscles. If you are interested in growing abs muscle, then go to the gym".


Source: Fit Outside of the Box 


Yes! Protein is the Best

According to a study performed by Public Health, increasing your intake of protein will not only reduce the body fat, but it also contributes to regenerating your abs muscle. Consuming protein food helps you to feel full in the stomach and it promotes appetite control. "High-protein food is furthermore capable to regenerate muscle tissues. Therefore, it is smart to eat more meat, poultry, eggs, seafood, legumes, and nuts" Nolan mentioned.


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Staying Hydrated is also Important

You cannot survive without water, and neither can your abs muscle! It is absolutely crucial to all aspects of your health. It helps to bump up your metabolism and to burn down your belly fat. After a long time working out, your abdominal muscle can easily appear if you stay well-hydrated. In fact, Public Health's study found that drinking 500 milliliters of water contributes to increasing 24% of energy consumption 60 minutes after consuming your meal. "If you want to build your body and grow abs muscle, I will highly recommend you to drink around 1-2 liters of water each day" Nolan mentioned. 


Source: Newcastle Herald 


Do you have another, perhaps better ways to achieve abs muscle that you want to recommend? Please leave your comments below and share your ideas and routines with other fitness lovers! 


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