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The Ultimate Guide Before Going On A Road Trip

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Posted on January 15 2020

A road trip, one type of long distance journey on the road, is synonymous with freedom and adventure that people desire. Spend long hours on the road, drive across the city and through the countryside, enjoy a huge chunk of time road tripping in California, and even a complete route across all over the United States! If you are the one who loves to hit the road, then this is the right place you come. ENKEEO has created this blog to help you plan an exciting and safe road trip, follow us and get ready!


Plan Your Route

Plan your dates, destinations, and directions with a general road trip route. You know where you want to go, but know how to get there safely and pleasingly is more important. Have you ever checked how long it takes to drive from start to finish? Do you make sure how many nights you’d have before arrived? Choose a route with multiple stops along the way, plan things to do, know where you will pass and make loose arrangements around there. Plan your route with a traveling process helps a lot. Sometimes, delays and unexpected cases are the things you would meet while on the way, put off your next schedules so you can continue well of your original planned destination. If you overscheduled, you will find that you are slogging the last miles long when you have intended to sleep. Try to reverse some itinerary or change a hotel closer than your destination. When having a road trip with long hours on the way, it's always good to get ready.


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Organize the Travel Gear

Prepare the travel gear you need before going on a road trip, whilst pack light! There are various types of essentials you need during journey, such as travel necessities, food and water supplies, clothes, navigational tools and more. We’ve sorted out the information list for you, get inspired and organize your travel gear using these tips!


If you’ll be going to several destinations during the road trip, spare clothes play a role. Sometimes, the temperature gap between different places is up to 10º C. You wear a jacket at the last stop, however, you may take off it and wear T-shirt when arriving the next. That’s well, the worse cases note, you still have to wear jackets when arrives in a colder place and meet bad weather. Pack some lightweight and waterproof coats, several pairs of wool socks. Bring long pants and long-sleeved shirts, trust me, the nights will be cool even if the day looks warm. And always prepare hats and sunglasses during traveling.

Navigational Tools

It is important to have navigational tools that guide you for a safe road trip. While driving, use GPS and map to ensure you pass the right direction and roads. You can use Google Maps to calculate total driving time, and Waze to identify speed and traffic situations. When walking around, carry a compass and map at your side, or you’ll get lost once you find yourself with no signal in the wilderness.


How do you spend the long nights during a road trip? Campground, car seat, hotel, whatever your lodging preference is, the accommodation type will determine whether you have a suitable place for every night of your trip. For campers, a comfortable sleeping bag or sleeping mat is a must, whether you sleep in a tent or car. You also can bring a camp chair that you could lounge around while viewing the great outdoors. For bed sleepers, book the hotels in advance for your trip but do not book for all nights. Sometimes, the delays will prolong the time you stay in one place or change your itinerary in the middle of the journey. For car sleepers, it is easy to solve the sleeping place, however, warm and breathable fabrics are a necessity in the nights.

Power Source

A road trip usually takes up more than 3 days and nights, which means you will spend hours on the road. Tune in your favorite radio station and turn up the sound to pass the time! Sing loud, shake the window down, and drive out of the country. To ensure adequate power during the journey, bring a power bank to recharge your smartphones, laptop and cameras.

Food & Water Supplies

Before you head out the road, discuss with your friends what snackers, fruit and drink you would prefer. It is much more enjoyable if you have delicious food in the car, especially when you are hungry or thirsty whilst driving. Many people also prepare hardtack and water before going on a road trip.


Look After Your Vehicle

For a road trip, no nothing won’t be more terrible than ending up stranded halfway. It is extremely important to be sure that the vehicle you drive will be in good condition. Prepare your vehicle before you set off anywhere. Check the fluid levels, lights, wheels and tires, and check for any leaks from various components and hoses underneath your vehicle. Whilst on the road trip, be sure your spare tire is fully inflated and that you have repair tools on hand.


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Have a Budget

When it comes to having a road trip, there are many hidden costs you need to think about. First, get the budget under control, such as the cost of food, fuel, entertainment, accommodation and even the traffic fee, you won’t spend too much if you have a budget in mind. While on the way, keep safety driving and stick to high speed, do not accelerate hard. And consider staying in the car or a camping tent. If sleeping in the hotel, don’t book a last-minute room, it will be much more expensive and even double price. Second, while having a budget is essential in a journey, so is enjoying your road trip! Saving money is not simply clutching one’s wallet at no cost, but letting money more efficiently, with the least money to meet our greatest desire. Consider the finance plan in a balance among your necessities, wants, and savings. And open your wallet while meeting your favorite food, souvenirs, and restaurants. The road trip may be one of the best times you have in your life, enjoy it!


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