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Things You May Not Know About The Hammock

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Posted on January 30 2019

Everyone knows about hammocks. You may know what it is or what it can be used for. Seems like it is becoming a popular trend to have one in your own house. When summer comes or sunshine shows up, people set it up in their yard and then take a nap in it, what a wonderful life it is! Maybe you know some of its functions but there must be something you don’t know. Throughout this article, ENKEEO will show you the ‘secret’ things you may not yet know about hammocks.


camping hammock
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Hammock Can Be Used Almost Everywhere And Anywhere

Hammocks that are placed in your yard offer you great convenience to sleep in. They can be set up in the parks, forests, and so on. Couples dating on their hammocks near the beach, what a lovely thing in this world! Lists like this go on and on. You can do it anytime and anywhere you want, I guess that is the reason why it became so well-known and everyone likes. Thus, whether you live in a city or the countryside, or even if you are living near a park, you can always enjoy your hammock time the fun. I once got a chance to take a nap on the hammock, cool feeling about nature and fresh air. The view even better when the sun came down.


Source: The Orchard Retreat


If I don’t show you something crazy about the hammock, you may not believe what I said ‘almost everywhere’. This picture looks from an adventure movie, it actually happened in America at 493 feet from the ground and the cost is more than $50000. It took weeks to finish by some X-sports lovers. Would you dare to take a nap on this hammock?


crazy hammock
Source: Wide Open Spaces


It Is A Great Activity For Everyone

No matter what activity you are into, a hammock can be enjoyed by anyone. As mentioned before, you can do it anywhere you want. There is no age, gender or any other limitations on hammock activities, Just do it whenever you want to. You may take it when you have an activity with your friends, or you can just place it in your yard and enjoy the entertainment time. Without any limitation, the hammock is a great choice for anyone in this word.


laying on hammock
Source: Everything Backyard


Do You Think A Hammock Is Always Affordable?

Maybe hammocks are the simplest pleasure you can find in your life. You can find them in every market. Now, you may wonder how expensive should it be? I had the same question. I told myself “how expensive can it be?” Then, I got shocked after browsing websites, I just found that a hammock that holds up to 250 kilograms is selling $35000! If you don’t mind to spend this money on a hammock, then it is yours.


expensive hammock
Source: Heavenly Hammocks and Swings


However, there is one fact to keep in mind. Even some hammocks are expensive, but still, most of them are still affordable. You can have a good one with nice quality with a price range of around $50.


affordable hammock
Source: ENKEEO 


Any Idea Where Does It Come From?

Have you ever thought where does the name ‘hammock’ come from? We should start with the Mayans. They did not only invent the only known written language in Central America back in the 1st century BC, but they also created the world-famous Mayan pyramids. And perhaps even more important, they invented the hammock! Indeed, it is originally woven from hamak trees native to Latin America. Then, the sisal plant replaced the bark due to it is more abundant. So this is where the name comes from. Moreover, the extension trading route established by Indian nations of central and South America, the hammock eventually came into the heart and home of millions of natives. Very soon, its material quickly instead by local fabrics and cloth. That is the original framework of today’s hammocks.

Moreover, you may ask how do hammocks come to Europe? Since Columbus dropped anchor in the ‘New World’, he wished to found boxes with full of treasures, spices, and fine silks. Instead, he found a load of natives of the Bahamas lounging on hammocks. Since then he decided to bring hammocks back to Europe.


hammock origion
Source: Wikipedia


What Benefits Can A Hammock Bring Us?

If you got a hammock in your house, have you ever thought about what mental and physical benefits can it bring you? Have you ever wondered why do you feel relaxed when you lie on it? All your questions have been proved by science. Beautiful scenery and current temperature may lead you to relax, but they are not the main factors. What really lets you fall in sleep is the real physical process of lying on it. The shaking in a hammock will make you feel like a baby being held by your mother, which will make you sleep very well.

In addition, hammock brings you more comfort. Not only lets you sleep well, it but also provides you with great sleeping conditions. Instead of sleeping on rocks, roots, mud, and bugs, it allows you to rise above all of it. but you have to learn how to rest on it, once you have learned the core of sleeping on a hammock, as reported, you will feeling better to sleep in wood. Some people even prefer hammocks better than their own beds. Therefore, if you want to weak up every morning with a fresh head, and feel rejuvenated not exhausted after camping, then hammock will be your perfect choice.


benefits of hammock
Source: Jackson Pine


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