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Van Life - A Complete Guide to Living on the Road

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Posted on November 05 2019

Living on the van life is a lifestyle that many people desire. You may once be fascinated and inspired when you’ve seen those stunning photos and videos on social media. The theme of van life looks so fun, moody and interesting, and some people even think about that “How funny that a photo can do that.” If you’re dreaming of this amazing lifestyle and want to convert a van to live on the road, here is the ultimate guide that contains everything you need to know about living the van life, follow us and keep reading!


Is Van Life for Me?

Van life is romantic and exciting and many of us long for this unconventional lifestyle. However, is this lifestyle for you? The van is certainly a home while it is a home that is constantly moving. You will simply spend 80% of your time in the outside that is full of uncertainty. When you’re living in a vehicle, unplanned cases and adventures just happen, and a lot of time you don’t even know where you will be sleeping that night. So it may be not okay if you’re a homebody. However, if you’re an adventurous soul who likes being outside and is good at adapting to new locations, you just might thrive living the van life!


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Things You Need to Know for Living in a Van

Yep, living the van life is not as dreamy as that we’ve seen in photos before and it is still a real life with daily trifles. However, it can make a big difference between loving van dwelling or kinda hating it if you are well prepared and well informed. For travelers who want to take the scenic route through life, this is something that you need to pay attention to living on the road!


Choose the right vehicle to suit your style

What is the best van to live out of? All vehicles have different perks, but only you know which campervan can suit your needs and style. It is important to know that whether a full-time or weekend warrior you are going to have, which ensures your vehicle is on the right way to set out. The RVs and vans are the two regular types of vehicles we will choose. The RVs are large, and often expensive, which offers much more freedom and convenience in the close space. But you are only allowed to stay in RV parks and easy-to-access areas. The vans are cheaper and smaller and they can be parked anywhere in most cases. So you can stop wherever and whenever you like and even change your destination at the last minute. However, if you are planning to live the van life with your family and pets or going on an adventurous challenge across hills and mountains, you will need to convert a large one to make it as durable and comfortable for long-term travel and living.


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Know what essentials you are going to take

Most people spend months or years of van life, so the essentials you are going to take are crucial. Bring enough clothing but give up those tools with repetitive functions. Keep everything in budget, for example, invest in a functional coolbox to keep drinks and food cold if the fridge is beyond your budget. A raised bed is the best option for sleeping arrangements, it provides ample space underneath for storage and requires no work to set up or take down every day. Bring things for amusement to explore your hobbies or relish the spare time. Take a hammock, some good books, a guitar…even a surfboard to tie on the back. The last thing you should know is space, vans are small and always gives you a limited room, so you will need to make the most of the little space you have!


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Living and working in a van

Many people found that space is to be in clutter if they live in a van 2-3 weeks, so keep a minimal lifestyle and pack light on the road as possible. Make the most of the space you have and place stuff in the original position after use, also spend a little time to clean some clutter, honestly, you will have enough space for everything you need! When you're working on your campervan, you’re going to need to consider how to charge all those electric things. A compact power bank is enough if you are a weekend warrior. If you are going full time, electricity is a necessity. Solar panels will satisfy most demands whilst you also can invest in a generator. In general, you will have everything you need and don’t have to worry about accommodation, what to eat or how to wash with an outfitted van. When you come across a stunning place and you want to stay, just stay there. If you want to watch the sunrise and enjoy hearing wave sounds that like a drum striking, just drive there. Wake up and open your window, you can just see spectacular views like golden hills or the ocean.


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Prepare for maintenance and emergencies

Your van is just like a home that needs you to take care of, and it is going to keep running and experience using and wearing. As a result, you need to put time and money aside for repairs, maintenance, and emergencies on the road. On top of the maintenance equipment required to get ready to use, knowing how to look after your campervan will certainly prolong the useful life of your van. If you are going on full-time van life, perform regular inspections and prepare some spare parts of your vehicle that will help keep the cost of living down.


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