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What should I Prepare for a Winter Camping?

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Posted on November 02 2018

 A winter camping trip, which is fun but also a bit challenging, should be a memorable experience in a person’s outdoor life. Many people have the desire to try winter camping, however, they get afraid when they think about the snowy ground, strong wind, and heavy backpack. But the fact is, more and more people are discovering that winter camping can be very rewarding. There are even some groups that have been founded in recent years, especially in northern Europe, which offers mountain skills, rescue training, and overnight winter camping adventure skills.

Why is winter camping so popular?

Winter camping is less crowded and it lets you enjoy the peace and different view from another season. It doesn’t require a long period of special training as rock climbing, cave diving or most of the other extreme sports, however, it offers equal satisfaction while being less dangerous. In short, it's easier than you may think to stay comfortable while winter camping - just make a throughout preparation to enjoy your safe and warm winter camping trip.

What should I prepare for winter camping?

Brett Stoffel, who teaches wilderness skills said, “winter camping is not difficult. People are actually surprised at how comfortable they can be with a little extra preparation.” Then, besides things already on a regular checklist like a tent, lamp, first aid kit and so on, what is the special gear you need for winter camping?

  1. Double sleeping bag

If you are going to travel with your partner, you both will enjoy a cozy sleep by sharing your body heat in a double sleeping bag. It is not only for couples but for individual travelers. Most of the double sleeping bags are able to be zipped into 2 individual sleeping bags, which allows you to have 1 sleeping bag and the other can act as a mattress or as an extra cover.  A 3-season sleeping bag (250 GSM+) is ideal for an Autumn camping. For a winter camping or snow mountain camping trip, you should consider a 4-season sleeping bag instead (350 GSM+).

  1. Camping stove

With a portable winter camping stove, you can enjoy coffee, tea, and hot, fresh food in the cold outdoors. They never occupy a lot of space in your backpack but they have an irreplaceable role in offering a premium camping experience. You can get canister stoves or fuel stoves. However, because a canister stove does not always work well in cold weather, a fuel stove is advised. If you are considering a canister stove, make sure it has a built-in pressure regulator. In cold weather, canisters are likely to produce a weak flame. A pressure regulator helps combat this while you’re out winter camping.  

  1. Multi-function shovel

Never forget to take a multi-purpose shovel with you if you are heading out to go winter camping. A multi-function shovel always combines a safety hammer, a compass, a whistle, a screwdriver, a knife, a firing bar, a rope, a ruler and even more. When it is disassembled, the shovel is very easy to store in your car trunk or in your backpack. This makes it a perfect outdoor gadget to carry along on your upcoming winter camping trip.

  1. Solar panel/portable power station

Not everyone wants to rough it while winter camping. One of the best ways to optimize your outdoor experience is to prepare an electric generator to support all your devices. If you plan to bring your phone, tablet, GPS or other devices like a cooker or a heater, it is a good solution to bring along a portable power station or solar panel to juice your devices while you’re out winter camping.

5.Waterproof boots & quick-dry clothes

Wet feet are frozen feet in winter. If you'll be hiking on top of a snow mountain, a pair of waterproof boots should be fine. In general, it's better to overpack than to run out of dry clothes—you'll probably regret packing ultra-light when you slide on that pair of damp socks in the morning. In all, Remember the main principle of winter camping - stay dry.

Winter camping safety tips:

  1. If this is the first time you try winter camping, choose the safest destination.
  2. Don’t go solo for safety sake. You never know what will happen in the  “peace-like” snowy wild.
  3. Make sure you take at least one pair of gloves. More than one pair is highly recommended.
  4. Bring traditional backpack maps and compass since GPS might not work well at the destination.
  5. Always check the weather forecast and avoid extreme low temperature or heavy snows.
  6. Prepare more food than you would for normal camping trips since your body burns more calories in cold conditions. Eat high energy snacks like cookies or chocolate before bed to generate body warmth during the night.
  7. Take sunglasses, lip balm, and sun vaseline. Especially if you are involved in a snowy activity such as skiing or skating. Cold temperature, sunshine and lack of moisture in the air could damage your eyes and skin.
  8. Avoid wearing cotton clothes. Wear wool instead. Cotton wicks moisture and will retain it for a long time.

The winter camping months are around the corner, what date is the best day for you and your friends? Gear up and stay warm! :P

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