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What To Keep In Mind Before You Get Your First Skateboard?

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Posted on January 19 2019

Have you ever thought about buying a skateboard? When I get home late after work and lay on my bed like a potato, it is the best time to watch YouTube videos where you can find a lot of videos that may interest you. About me, I like to browse different channels and focus on one. Once I found the outdoor activity is interesting, especially skateboarding, which is so cool. Then an idea came to my mind, what skateboard should I have as a beginner? After asking my mate Kyle who is an expert in our street skating, ENKEEO gathered all the useful information. Below I will tell you how to select your first skateboard based on my friend’s advice. 



Source: The Conversation 


The Importance Of The Skateboard Deck

You may ask why is the skateboard deck important and you put it in the beginning? As you see, the desk is the most recognizable part of a skateboard. You can find lots of it with different sizes and patterns on market. 



Source: DB Longboards


Keep in mind what is the purpose of purchasing a skateboard before you buy one. Decks in different sizes have a different function. Kyle mentioned on my notes that “a narrower board is more suitable for street skating, because flips are easier to make with a thinner body. After all, you don’t want to hurt yourself”. 


However, wider skateboards are better for people who prefer to use it for transportation. Surprisingly, “the width of the board increased during the last 20 years, now the fact is that the wider board got the fashion” said by Kyle. Wider boards do not only represent the transportation, but also the fashion of a skateboard. 


ENKEEO skateboard

Source: ENKEEO 


What Wheels Does My Skateboard Need?

Different wheels can be found on the market, with the dimension of 49-52 mm and 54-60 mm. But how should I select my wheels?


“Honestly it is not hard to choose wheels for your skateboard” said by Kyle. “Some small wheels around 50 mm lower the weight of your board, which is more suitable for technical street skatings, like flips and manuals. Then you find professional players are more likely to use small wheels”. On the contrary, larger wheels cover more ground and then you got better balance and speed. “Never forget the wheel hardness” Kyle mentioned. This should be around ratio 78 to 101, which indicates softest and hardest. “Hard ones are most popular among skateboarding players, as you can see on YouTube channels and parks”. Hard wheels ensure sliding and irreversible, I think you want your skateboard to do a bit more sliding when you are doing tricks. 


skateboard wheels

Source: YouTube 


How About The Trucks On My Skateboard?

“If you want to know how wide your truck should be, then check how wide is your skateboard” Kyle mentioned. “This is important because they should perfectly match”. Also, you should pay attention to the height of the truck. The height of the truck is associated with the dimension of your wheels. You need to make sure they don’t rub with each other, Kyle mentioned, as this may cause you to fall from your board. 


skateboard truck

Source: Skate Warehouse 


Final Step Of Choosing Your First Skateboard

Eventually, you have decided what kind of skateboard you want. Think about the deck, wheels, and truck. Now the final step is to choose the pattern, what is your favorite pattern, the color and so on. I got my first skateboard with a blue alien pattern on it, how is yours? 


skateboard pattern

Source: Lincoln Design Co. 


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