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Why do Mosquitoes Bite Me More Than Anyone Else?

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Posted on July 03 2019

Why do mosquitoes bite? The outdoor life in summer is great, however, the troubles caused by small bug bites can be annoying from time to time. Ever noticed how mosquitoes seem to frenziedly feast on some folks while ignoring others? Many researchers have conducted studies on how mosquitoes can be more attracted to certain humans’ blood. They found that those individuals who attract more mosquitoes are normally the ones who produce a large amount of CO2, sweat, or lactic acid. One’s biological genes decide the chemicals they secrete from the skin, which is one of the key factors of making them distinct targets for mosquitoes. Other non-biological factors can also influence the targeting of mosquitoes, including the color of your outfits and the kind of blood type you have.


Curious to know more about how your genes and other non-biological factors can affect your attractiveness to these not-so-friendly flying buddies? Follow this article by ENKEEO and find more interesting details about why mosquitoes bite some people more than others.


Metabolic rate

Mosquitoes are good detectors of the metabolic rate of living creatures. Metabolic rate is the rate of energy expenditure per time unit by endothermic animals at rest. It is mostly reflected by the amount of CO2, sweat, and heat that is generated from the animal’s body. The higher metabolic rate you have, the more attractive you are to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can sense CO2 from up to 160 feet away. So if a person breathes out a lot of CO2, they can become more attractive to mosquitoes. For example, adults release more CO2 than children, so adults can attract more mosquitoes than the young ones.


mosquitoes attracted to sweats
Source: womensrunning.com


In most cases, pregnant women and people who exercise produce more CO2 than other adults. A 2002 study in Lancet found that women in late pregnancy exhaled 21 percent more CO2 than non-pregnant women. They later discovered pregnant women were almost twice as more attractive to mosquitoes than other women. In addition, mosquitoes get attracted more to people who exercise. When you’re working out, you would naturally produce more CO2, sweat, and heat from your body. More uric acid and lactic acid will also be released out of your skin. All the chemicals you produce when you exercise will naturally attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes like to target people who excrete more uric acid and lactic acid from their sweat glands. If you're sweating plentifully, your high body temperature may play a role too. Heat becomes more attractive when mosquitoes come near a potential host. You may want to consider taking your workouts indoors if you want a relatively bug-free summer.



Despite using smells to target, mosquitoes also use their eyes to find their targets. Especially in the late afternoon, as Mosquitoes are most active around dawn. Because they have problems of flying in even the slightest winds, they need to find a time when winds tend to die down and humidity rises. When an adequate time comes, their first mode of search for humans is through vision. They see the color of the clothing as a signal. Research shows that dark and red colored clothing is more attractive to mosquitoes than light colored outfits. Dark and red colors make you stand out compared with the color of the horizon. Your motions also distinguish you from your still surroundings. To avoid mosquito bites, you may want to avoid wearing dark and red colored outfits. And maybe the best possible way to avoid mosquito bites all together is to stay indoors at dawn time.


Blood type


mosquito blood type
Source: SciArt Magazine


Research has found that mosquitoes have a preference over blood group. The majority prefer Type O blood then Type B and least Type A. People with Type O blood are found to be twice as attractive as those with Type A blood. Furthermore, over 85 percent of people produce a secretion that signals what blood type they are. Mosquitoes are drawn to those secretions more often, no matter which blood type you are. You may want to change your blood type or your ways of generating secretion... But wait. You can’t really do anything about that since it’s already written in your DNA. So wearing protective clothing or using mosquito repellent on your skin can be an applicable choice.


Your DNA

Your genes make you more attractive to mosquitoes. That has been found in many studies that are not only related to the flying bloodthirsty fiends but also about other living animals. Research on twins suggests an underlying genetic mechanism that may affect whether you get eaten alive in the deep woods, or escape without suffering from apparent harms. In another study, researchers have found that certain people produce natural mosquito repellents, which appears to be genetically controlled. There’s another one that was conducted among two groups of people who were highly attractive to mosquitoes and those who were not. They discovered that the attractive ones had more but few types of certain microbes on their skin compared to the other group. This can also explain why mosquitoes are more likely to bite on areas such as your ankles and feet where the ripe source of bacteria is based.



Who would’ve thought that mosquitoes are drawn to alcohol? Many studies have shown that mosquitoes tend to bite individuals who just drank alcohol rather than those who had water. One study found that considerably more mosquitoes landed on participants after drinking a 12-ounce beer than before. Scientists assume the reason behind this lies in the increased ethanol content in your sweat after drinking alcohol. But they were unable to find the exact correlation.


mosquito repellent lantern


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