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Balance Bike (12-Inch Wheels)

The pedal-free balance bike for kids is the best training bicycle to help and motivate children to learn balance and steering while playing and having fun.

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  • Pedal-free balance bike to help your toddler transitioning to a pedal bicycle for kids
  • Adjustable seat height and handlebar to ensure maximum comfort and safety
  • Bike frame made of rust-free carbon steel and tires made of EVA+PP materials
  • Balance bike recommended for kids ages 2 to 6 years


Are you looking for a balance bike for your child? The ENKEEO balance bike with 12 inches wheels size is the perfect bicycle for kids to transition from a learning pedal-free bike to a pedal one. Balance bikes are a fun way for kids to be active while fast-learning how to keep balanced to discover how to ride a bike in the future. By using this type of bicycle for kids, your toddler will acquire coordination skills, balance skills, will learn how to steer, and will get more confidence and a better understanding of the surrounding areas around him (temperature, distance, type of terrain, and so on). This balance bike has adjustable seat height, adjustable handlebar, and 12-inch wheels, best for kids between the ages 2 and 6 years old.

ENKEEO's balance bike for kids is very easy to maneuver by children as it is a small, lightweight bike. The bicycle frame is made of rust-resistant carbon steel, which is very sturdy and durable, giving the bike a total weight capacity of 110.2 lbs (~50kg) and only weighing 11.6 lbs (5.3kg). The balance bike also features adjustable handlebars (22 inches to 24.8 inches/ 55.8 cm to 63cm) and adjustable seat height, from 13.7 inches to 17.7 inches (~38.8 cm to 45 cm) that allows you to adjust the seat to the height of the child. In order to ensure great comfort, the handlebars have a great grip and are made of TPR material, and the saddle is contoured. Moreover, to add to the comfort of the bike, it features EVA foam + PP tires that are very lightweight, durable and low maintenance. The tires, which are 12 inches, are puncture-resistant and allow kids to enjoy a smooth ride.

To add on to the above information, this balance bike is a great gift for kids. Nowadays children spent lots of time indoor playing with electronic devices, while they should be more active, playing and running to challenge themselves and to learn how to react to stimulus. Thanks to the ENKEEO bicycle for kids without pedals, children will be able to learn how to ride a bike faster while keeping them active, improving their fitness and their health in a fun and joyful way.

This balance bike with 12-inch wheel size is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specifications
Bike frame material: carbon steel
Handlebar material: TPR
Bike tires material: EVA + PP
Weight capacity: 50kg/110.2lbs
Net weight: 5.3kg/11.6lbs


Package content
1 x ENKEEO balance bike
1 x Bike stand
1 x Wrench
1 x Tube clamp
2 x Tube clamp caps
4 x Screw head caps
1 x User manual
1 x Thank you card

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