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Beach Blanket

This beach blanket is lightweight, quick-dry, and sand resistant, it offers a comfortable place for you to relax when you are lying on the beach.

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  • Measures 110 x 82.7 inches size, big enough to fit 4-6 people
  • 100% PARACHUTE nylon ensures a quick-dry and lightweight design
  • Features 5 integrated sand pockets to weigh the blanket down and 4 tent stakes for extra stability
  • Perfect beach blanket for the beach, lake, picnics or any outdoor adventures


Imagine lying on the beach with no worries about wind or sand. The ENKEEO beach blanket is a smart and worry free gadget that helps you enjoy sunbathing and a perfect beach day. Due to its nylon construction, the beach mat is completely water repellent and sand resistant. The sand won't stick to, allowing you to shake it off easily by the time you’re getting ready to leave. Along with 5 integrated pockets to weigh the blanket and 4 added tent stakes, it  is designed as smartly as possible for extra stability. Thanks to this, this beach mat ensures a double-anchored setup to eliminate your worries on windy days. Once you are at the beach, lakeside or grassland, unpack the beach blanket, fill the pockets with sand, fix the tent stakes, and spend a happy day with this large comfortable home base.

A great beach blanket to get ready for any seaside getaway. Our product is especially designed to keep you clean, dry and comfortable. 100% PARACHUTE nylon material makes it extremely lightweight and comfortable, offering a comfortable place for you to relax when lying on the beach mat. When the blanket is unfolded, it is about 110 x 82.7 inches (280 x 210 cm) in size, which is bigger than many other beach blankets on the market. When you put it into the stuff pouch, it will shrink into a compact pouch which is no bigger than a normal purse. Furthermore, this stuff pouch included can function as a pocket for personal items such as keys, sunglasses or earrings when you have fun on the beach. Simply place your valuables inside and tighten the compression straps to protect your items from sand or dirt, then you can have fun at the beach without any worries.

This beach blanket is the perfect choice for spending your days outside, allowing you to take the entire family or a group of friends on various outdoor events like camping, picnics, fishing or travels. The large unfolded size is enough for family use. It is also compact and easy to be rolled up on the while you’re on the move. You can put it into the trunk of a car, inside of your backpack, or anywhere you want without taking up too much space.  With its practicality and portability, this beach blanket can protect you from damp, sand and debris, as well as offering much space for sitting, lay downing and playing with your friends. Enjoy a quiet afternoon by the lake, head into the outskirts of town on weekends, or spend a sunny day under the tree. No matter if you are in a park, grassland, or your backyard, keep your blanket with you all the time and never miss the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

This lightweight beach blanket is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specifications

Color: Blue & grey

Expanded dimension: 110 x 82.7 inches (280 x 210 cm)

Folded dimension: 7.8 x 5.9 inches (20 x 15 cm)

Fabric: 100% parachute nylon

Weight: 1 lbs (490g)


Package contents

1 x ENKEEO beach blanket

4 x Tent stake

1 x Storage bag

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