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Foldable Binoculars

These light-weight and foldable binoculars from ENKEEO are the perfect gadget for outdoor enthusiasts; suitable for hunting, camping, and nature observation.

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  • Compact binocular with convenient foldable design for easy transportation
  • Spot the smallest of objects from up to 1000 yards away with 12x magnification
  • BAK-4 prism ensures superior transmittance uniformity for detailed images
  • Perfect for watching sports, nature observing, camping, or surveillance


With these foldable binoculars from ENKEEO at your side, you’ll be able to spot even the smallest objects from afar. The binoculars support 12x magnification lenses that treat you to clear and detailed images up to a range of 1000 yards. Along with their BAK-4 prism, the lenses of these binoculars offer superior transmittance uniformity. As a result, you’ll be able to analyze objects from afar while enjoying highly detailed visuals in their own natural color. This makes the binoculars perfect for observing wildlife such as birds. The 25mm lenses come equipped with a soft 15mm eyepiece that features a 12mm eye relief. As a result, you’ll be able to undergo an easy and comfortable viewing experience even if you wear glasses.

As the name suggests, the ENKEEO foldable binoculars feature a compact and foldable design. This allows you to easily carry them around or store them away when not in use. The compact size along with a lightweight design further add to the ease of transport. Whether you store them in your bag, pocket, or hang them around your neck - these binoculars will always be at your side. Besides being foldable, the binocular itself is furthermore extremely durable. It features an IP65 rugged design which is 100% resistant to water and dust. As of such, you can safely use it in the toughest of climates and environments without having to worry about it affecting your viewing experience. Whether you’re in the snowy mountains, humid jungle, or dusty desert - these binoculars are guaranteed to do their job.

For comfortable usage and easy transport, the binoculars furthermore come with its very own carrying pouch. This allows you to easily take it along on your next outdoor adventure without needing to worry about accidentally scratching the lenses or damaging the gadget itself. The multi-purpose design makes these binoculars perfect for a range of outdoor activities including nature observation and camping. Added to that, they can also be used for surveillance, observing sports games from afar, or for outdoor hunting activities. With their rugged and waterproof design, the ENKEEO binoculars will follow and support you no matter where you go.

This foldable binocular is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specifications
Magnification: 12x
Objective lens: 25mm
Prism: BAK-4
Eyepiece diameter: 15mm
Eye relief: 12mm
Focus system: Center focus
Lens coating: FMC
Size: 115x50x101mm
Weight: 245g/0.54lb
Dusk index: 15.8
Waterproof: IP65

Package includes
1x Binocular
1x Carrying pouch
1x Cleaning cloth
1x Lanyard
1x User manual

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