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Folding Trekking Poles

The ENKEEO folding trekking poles are lightweight and durable, providing perfect stability and balance for hikers when trekking on difficult trails.

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  • These durable folding trekking poles provide great support for hikers.
  • Covered with EVA foam, the handle is designed to offer more comfort for long-time hiking.
  • Versatile and flexible walking poles with adjustable shaft are suitable for people of any length.
  • Reliable for adults, senior trekkers, and anyone carrying extra weight.

    This pair of ENKEEO folding trekking poles are ready to provide you stable support no matter where you go. It gives great stability and balance for hikers especially when you're carrying a heavy backpack. You can rely on the poles for their use of long-lasting materials. These folding trekking poles are constructed with 7075 aviation grade aluminum and feature tungsten steel pole tips. This allows the poles to have a lightweight and solid structure and to stand strong and reliable even over a longer period of time. In addition, the handle is covered with EVA foam to offer a comfortable grip. It is extremely helpful when you are hiking for a long distance. A comfortable grip on trekking poles would lift the sores efficiently from your wrists.

    This pair of trekking poles are light enough (0.66 lbs) to carry throughout the day without hurting your wrists. The package comes with a carry bag for it to be easily taken or stored. Since this is a folding trekking pole, the best thing about it is its immense flexibility. The pole is collapsible and only measures 14.5 inches when folded. When releasing the poles, it just needs two simple steps to assemble: first, click the sections together, then pull the upper section to top to get it ready and trigger the lock. The adjustable shafts make the walking poles highly versatile. The height can go from 44.5" to 53". Once the desired length is established, the advanced quick-lock mechanism will keep the pole from collapsing so that it becomes a reliable support for adults, senior trekkers, inexperienced hikers and anyone carrying extra weight. Furthermore, the wrist strap is adjustable to control your pole. It can greatly help enhance your trekking endurance. The strap also is a great assistance to support tired hands and to provide more supporting powers. It also offers great convenience when climbing on hills so that the poles can be hung upon the wrists.

    With its multifunctional design, these foldable trekking poles can be used perfectly in any environment. No matter you are going to explore a snowfield, mountain or forest - these trekking poles will follow you anywhere you go. The package includes snow baskets, mud baskets and rubber tips to meet all your different needs.

    This pair of folding trekking poles are brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


    Product specifications

    Handle: EVA

    Shaft: Aluminum alloy

    Pole tip: Tungsten steel

    Pole extension: 44.5 to 53 inches (113 to 135 cm)

    Weight: 0.66 lbs (0.3 kg)

    Weight capacity: 330 lbs (150 kg)


    Package Includes

    1x ENKEEO trekking poles

    1x Thank you card

    1x Snow basket

    1x Mud basket

    2x Rubber tips

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