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Solar Powered Lantern

Illuminate your surroundings with this solar powered lantern, recharge it in the day and use it at night; installed with highly efficient solar panels.

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  • Outdoor solar powered lantern with elegant candlelight design LEDs.
  • 18% efficient solar panels powered to recharge its 1000mAh NI-MH
  • Only takes about 4 to 6 hours to fully recharge under direct sunlight, with a working time of 8 to 10 hours.
  • The standing lamp also comes with a clamp to easily hang it anywhere you want.


With this solar powered lantern from ENKEEO, you never have to worry about the dark now, especially on your camping, hiking, trekking, fishing and other outdoor adventures. It comes with installed solar panels that are up to 18% efficient, to recharge its 1000mAh battery that can illuminate the lamp for about 10 hours when fully charged. The battery itself charged within 6 hours with exposure to full sunlight. Its battery is made if nickel metal. The LED bulb inside this solar-powered lantern illuminates at 15 to 20 lumens which is bright enough to lighten up your surroundings and projects a 3000-3500 K colored light.

This solar powered lantern is elegantly designed in a candlelight shape, where the LED illuminates the candle design, which brings a whole new level of beauty. The candle design is protected with a bared design shell. The product measures at 3.5 by 3.5 by 5.3 inches cube and weighs only 1.4lbs. Making it convenient to carry it along with you wherever you go. It is rated at IP55 water resistance, meaning you can use it in rainy weather conditions and is made of ABS, PS and PP material. Careful attention to the overall manufacturing process for a durable and reliable product. The product package includes 2 solar powered lanterns.  

ENKEEO solar-powered lantern comes with a clamp that you can use to hang this solar-powered lantern in your garden by the trees or by any hanging wire in your tent or backyard. Furthermore, it can also stand alone on its base. The on/off switch is located on the bottom of the base of this lamp. Once the power option is set to on, it charges automatically in the day time and then turns on when it is dark. With a very catchy and modern design, it is a perfect gift for your loved ones as well. A perfect and beautiful solar powered lantern for your restaurant, coffee shop, courtyard, backyard, garden, doorway, table and any other place around your house or even on your camping site.

This solar powered lantern is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product Specifications
Weight: 1.4 lbs
Product Size: 3.5’’x 3.5’’ x 5.3’’
Battery: 1000mAh NI-MH AA battery, 1.2v
Lumen: 15-20 lm
Color temperature: 3000~3500 K
Waterproof grade: IP55
Material: ABS, PS, PP
Charging time: 4-6 hours
Working Time: 8-10 hours (fully charged)

Package Includes
2x Solar Candle Lights

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