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Collapsible Solar Camping Lantern

Use this collapsible solar camping lantern to illuminate your vicinity, recharge anywhere with the installed solar panels and have round the clock power.

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  • Collapsible solar camping lantern with a compact pocket size design.
  • 3 lightening modes with a high, low and flashing beam, long-lasting 1300mAh battery
  • Recharge it anywhere with a built-in solar panel, or use the USB charging port.
  • Draw on the custom paint-able shell to show your cool arts skills.


With this collapsible solar camping lantern from ENKEEO, you will always have a compact and handy light source on your camping, hiking and other outdoor adventures. Never be in the dark again, with its massive  1300mAh battery it can last for long and keep your tents, paths and surrounding areas lit and bright with its 8 LED light sources. It can be compactly collapsed into a small disk measuring at 1.5 inches height and with a diameter of 5.3 inches. This collapsible solar camping lantern is designed with certified IP67 waterproof housing so you are able to use it even in rainy conditions as well.

This collapsible solar camping lantern can be recharged from the free and green power of the sun with its built-in solar panel, or you can also recharge it with its USB outlet port form a DC source. With the solar panel, it can be fully recharged in 8 to 10 hours (5V, 0.2A max), and the DC outlet charging is a bit faster with 4 to 6 hours of recharge time (5v, 1A max). With a fully recharged battery, it can light up for about 8 hours on the low light which has an intensity of 40 lumens, and for about 5 hours on the 90 lumens high mode light or the flashing mode. With such a long-lasting light source in such a compact design, this collapsible solar camping lantern from ENKEEO is a true engineering masterpiece.

Fancy some art skills? We've got you covered as this ENKEEO collapsible solar camping lantern has a paint-able shell, where you can draw your favorite art with water-based highlighters and show your inner skills to the world. This also makes it a good gift item for children to play with, and at the same time have an awesome compact lighting source. Furthermore, the LED console and the shell of this lanterns are detachable. So you can use the LED panel separately as a light source. The shell has a height of 6.9 inches and is made of a sturdy, strong, flexible, and waterproof material that can be used as a bucket for ice or beer when detached. This collapsible solar camping lantern has 3 light modes with high, low and flashlight modes, that can easily be changed with a touch button on the LED console.

This collapsible solar camping lantern is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product Specifications
Solar Panel: Monocrystalline silicon, 5V, 1W
Battery : Lithium-ion, 3.7V, 1300mAh
Light Source: 8 LEDs, 3.2V, 1.6W
Charging Time: Solar panel, 8-10 hrs, 5V, 0.2A (Max) ; DC Outlet, 4-6 hrs with DC cable, 5V, 1A (Max)
Working Time (Fully Charged): 7-8 hrs (low); ≥5 hrs (high); 4-5 hrs (flashing)
Lumen: 40 lm (low), 90 lm (high & flashing)
Dimension: 6.89''× 6.18''× 2.44''
Weight: About 0.82 lbs

Package Includes
1× ENKEEO Solar Light
1× DC Cable
1× Lanyard
1× Carry Bag

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