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Fishing Rod

This lightweight fishing rod is made of high-density carbon fiber for solitary, elasticity and durability; ideal for anglers of all ages and experience.

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  • High-density carbon fiber for great elasticity and durability
  • The ergonomic EVA handle offers easy use and great holding comfort
  • Premium elastic fiberglass rod is difficult to break and has incredible sensitivity
  • A lightweight fishing rod for anglers of all ages and experience

A necessity for fishing lovers who want to enjoy a perfect holiday near the lake. The fishing rod is made of high-density carbon fiber for solitary, elasticity and durability. With the elastic fiberglass rod, you can feel incredible sensitivity and power from this excellent fishing pole. The fishing pole is capable to be dipped in water for a long time and it will remain as good as new. The high-end fishing rod ensures corrosion resistance and a long-lasting lifespan, making it perfect for both professional fishing and casual trips.

This fishing rod features an ergonomic handle design to provide you with a flexible and comfortable angling tool. Thanks to its comfortable and lightweight design, you can use it throughout the day without hurting your wrist. Made of high-density EVA material, this grip handle can furthermore absorb water and sweat, greatly increases the holding comfort compared to the traditional wooden handle. High-safety premium materials make it difficult to break, ensuring it to deliver the high level of performance that professional anglers expect. Everything from the rod’s weight to the length of the handles are carefully considered in order to build your favorite new fishing rod. This amazing gadget is ready to take you to a whole new level in the fishing sport.

With a lightweight design of only 10.23oz,, this fishing rod is not only strong and light but may just be the most sensitive rod you've ever had in your hands. What's more, the telescopic based design furthermore allows you to change its length (1.8m/5.9ft, 2.1m/6.9ft, 2.7m/8.9ft, 3.0m/9.8ft) according to your preference. With its premium spinning guide that has been made out of the highest quality stainless steel, your fishing lines will never get tangled again. You can use this fishing rod to look for snag perch, crappies and walleyes, and it can even be used for fly fishing as well. With all its safety features and functions, you can peacefully and confidently use your rod no matter where you are. Whether you’re at the lake, seaside, or river - from now on you’ll always have the perfect catch. 

This fishing rod is brought to you by ENKEEO, your online supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specifications

Weight: 0.32 lbs (147g)

Open length: 70 inches (178cm)

Close length: 18.5 inches (47cm)

Guides: 4

Power: Medium light


Package includes

1 x ENKEEO fishing rod

1 x Protective plastic case

1 x Pouch

1 x Thank you card 

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