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Foldable Fishing Net

Featuring an ultra lightweight e-glass handle, ENKEEO foldable fishing net is extra durable; the versatile mesh is safe for fish catch and release.

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  • Folds easily into a manageable size and light to carry with the integrated belt clip
  • The flat-bottomed mesh is safe for fish catch and release
  • Ultra lightweight e-glass handle is stronger and more durable than aluminum
  • Waterproof, versatile, and non-absorbent nylon coating protects hooks from sticking in the net 

    This foldable fishing net with a telescopic free adjustment design allows you to manage its length easily. Utilize the flexible fishing net in the various kinds of fishing activities that you’d enjoy. The length of the fishing net can be contracted from 33 to 18.5 inches, which makes the fishing net perfectly suitable for both boat and stream fishing. For boat fishing, long handle nets provide more flexibility. With enough length to be used, you don’t have to lean too much over the open water when landing your fish. For stream fishing, a short length net would be more useful for getting enough strength to pull the fish inside. Land your fish with ease. In addition, the integrated belt clip on the handle is perfect for you to carry the fishing net everywhere without occupying your hands. Worry not about the weight, this foldable fishing net weighs only for 1.12 lbs. Hang it easily around your waist with your other fishing tackles and accessories..

    This foldable fishing net is great for catch and release. If you also enjoy fly fishing, this foldable fishing net is a must-have gadget. Featuring a compact net design, the net is completely fish friendly. Upon catching a fish, the flat-bottom provides a good view and exceptional control of the fish. It allows you to welcome the fish securely into the net. At the same time, the fish friendly nylon material protects fish from any further harm. Thanks to the waterproof and non-absorbent coating, the nylon net is able to treat fish scales smoothly. The versatile nylon is also good at protecting the net from any snagging problems from sharp objects. It would treat the fish gently upon releasing them back into the water.

    Be ready to catch your next big fish with our foldable fishing net. Besides its lightweight design, it has so much more to offer. The featured E-glass handle design makes it able to load as much as 10 lbs. Whether you’re up for professional angling or just wanting to have some relaxing leisure fishing time with your family, the fishing net load is sufficient for both. Featuring outstanding strength and resiliency, the e-glass handle is stronger and more durable than aluminum. The sturdy fishing net ensures you to land your monster fish steadily. With a depth of 14-inches, this fishnet allows you to easily catch the biggest fish out there.

    This foldable fishing net is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


    Product specifications

    Load capacity: 10 lbs/4.54 kg

    Weight: 1.12 lbs/0.51 kg

    Length: 33 in

    Hoop size: 16 x 16 x 16 in

    Mesh size: 0.2 in/5 mm

    Net bag depth: 14 in/35.6 cm


    Package Includes

    1 x Fishing net

    1 x User manual

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