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Digital Hand Grip Strengthener

ENKEEO's digital hand strengthener can exercise and strengthen your muscle group in your hand, fingers, wrist, and forearms, so these parts of your body will keep functioning well.

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  • EASY TO USE: regular 22.04lbs/10kg capacity for grip strength, simply one button operation for everyday exercise of your hand, wrist and forearm
  • 3 EXCELLENT MODES: features the exercise count, timer and calorie consumed for you to get progress as it records weekly or monthly for the workout goal you set and achievement you make
  • LCD DISPLAY AND RUBBER SPACER: the built-in LCD screen with double lines is easy to read and clearly indicates your workout data, and the rubber spacer for handle distance adjustments ensures your hands with a comfort-fit
  • AUTO OFF AND EASY RESET: a sleep function enables this gadget to auto shutdown in 30 mins for battery saving and has easy reset function to renew the screen display
  • LONG LAST MATERIAL: this digital hand gripper consists of the durable springs, the non-slip and ergonomic handle for your squeeze-and-release exercises

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