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Foam Roller

Crafted out of the premium high-density material, this foam roller is specially designed to increase your performance capabilities. Ready to get rolling now!

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  • Excellent shock absorbent EVA foam offers high performance and durability
  • Dense ridged surface features finger zones with square textures, and palm zones with strap textures
  • Trusted foam roller used by physical and massage therapists, provides both muscle conditioning and recovery
  • Hollow core design ensures it is lightweight and compact, so you can carry it around effortlessly


This foam roller from ENKEEO delivers a therapeutic self massage and is ideal to be added to your warm-up or cool-down routines. High-density EVA foam with dense ridges, the excellent shock absorbent material ensures long lasting and high performance. It is comfortable, durable and completely toxic-free. The roller features an ingenious design that offers a superior exterior over a rigid hollow core for high firmness and versatility. This solid construction withstands the test of time while maintaining support and integrity. You can furthermore stuff the hollow foam roller with towels, clothes or other items when you head to the gym or when it is not being used. Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, it is a perfect travel roller for easy storage and transportation. So you can carry it around effortlessly and enjoy a self massage after doing yoga, pilates, crossfit, boxing, weight training, or any other type of exercise.

This premium foam roller features a dense ridged surface which makes it easy and convenient to use. One half of the roller is covered with strap textures for palm massage whereas the other zones feature square textures to replicate the fingertips and thumbs of a massage therapist. The texture provides extra friction and makes sure that the foam wont get slippery even though your skin is sweaty. This non-slip surface prevents you from accidental falling. At the same time, it is an incredibly effective recovery tool for athletes who take high intensity exercise as well as for beginners. As you progress on a complete set of physical fitness, it will help you to loosen up and avoid injury after the grueling training, especially if you dont work out on a consistent schedule. As you increase the intensity of your training, using the foam roller will become a part of your basic routine to provide muscle recovery, pain relief and improved flexibility.

The foam roller is one of the best fitness tools for both self therapy and muscle growth. Our roller is ergonomically engineered with a standard density that suits the human body perfectly. It is effective at relieving tight muscles and trigger points yet the roller still provides an adequate tissue massage. Adding a roller to your fitness routine will increase your performance capabilities. This piece of fitness equipment is very beneficial to your body, which has been proven to be able to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, decrease recovery time and improve your range of motion. It is perfect for anyone who wants to improve fitness quality and health. If you are taking exercise and would like to reduce muscle soreness, this ENKEEO foam roller will be a perfect tool for you.

This foam roller is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specifications

Model: 8037LB

Weight: 2.04 lbs  (0.927 kg)

Material: Premium EVA

Dimension: 6 x 12 inches (15.24 x 30.48 cm)

Package content

1 x Foam roller

1 x Instruction card

1 x Mesh bag

1 x Thank you card

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