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Suspension Trainer Bands

With the ENKEEO suspension trainer bands, you can elaborate a perfect full-body fitness routine to gain muscle strength, flexibility and improve your core.

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  • Build your core strength with this set of suspension trainer bands
  • Adjust the length of the bands according to your physiological needs
  • High-resistant suspensions bands that withstand up to 992 lbs of weight
  • A carrying bag is included to store, organize and carry them with you


The ENKEEO suspension trainer bands are an excellent choice if you are looking for a total-body workout routine. This piece of fitness equipment allows you to use your body weight to build on your strength, balance, coordination, core, and flexibility. Thus, if you are looking to burn that extra belly fat, show off your 6-pack abs or want to build strength, improve your flexibility or your endurance, these suspension trainer brands are your must-have tool. These suspension trainer bands can be used for dozens of different exercises depending on what you want to improve. Moreover, these bands come with a carrying bag and other accessories so you can carry them wherever you want to use them, indoors or outdoors.

ENKEEO's suspension trainer bands, also known as suspension bands or suspension straps help you burn fat, build & tone up your muscles and improve your flexibility and your stability. Thanks to these workouts, you will also strengthen your core. The length of these suspension bands is adjustable, from 5.24 feet to 9.8 feet (1.6 meters to 3 meters), which makes them universal suspension trainer bands for men and women of different heights. These woven nylon bands with aluminum alloy carabineers are highly resistant and durable. Thanks to these strong materials, the bands have a total bearing capacity of 992 lbs of weight (450kg). This suspension trainer bands set comes with accessories to work out in different locations.

One of the advantages of these suspension trainer bands is their portability. The bands come with different accessories and a nylon carrying bag to store them and take them with you. You can train at home, at work, when camping, in a park and more. Thanks to the door and workout anchors you can adapt your exercises to your environment. Moreover, the set also includes a workout manual with suspension trainer exercises to elaborate a perfect workout routine.

These suspension trainer bands are brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Please keep in mind that the only function of these suspension trainer bands is as fitness equipment, do not use them for other purposes.

Product specification
Fitness straps extender:  97cm/38.19 inches
Suspension anchor:  95.5cm/37.6 inches
Net weight: 1.63 lbs/0.74 kg
Length range: 5.25ft-9.84ft/1.6m-3m
Weight capacity: 550lb/250kg

Package includes
1 x Fitness straps
1 x Extender strap
1 x Workout anchor
1 x Door anchor
1 x Workout guide book
1 x Thanks card
1 x Carry bag

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