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Doorway Pull Up Bar

Workout at home with this doorway pull up bar; no assembly needed, comes in a ready to use design; just hang it on the doorway to start your workout.

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  • This doorway pull-up bar is engineered for strong and secure grips on doorways. For pull-ups, pushups, hanging crunches, and more
  • The Reinforced carbon steel structure supports a weight of up to 440 lbs (200 kgs); making it an ideal equipment for people of all ages, genders, and weight.
  • The hand grip is cushioned with comfortable foam for safe, strong, and secure grip while you work out.
  • Ready to use design, simply unbox and get your workout going. No assembly needed.


With this Doorway pull up bar at your home, you can easily do your daily workout from the comfort of your home and enjoy a regular and timely exercise. You can perform all the different kinds of pull-ups on it or use it as a firm pushups gear. With this one equipment, you get to do a wide range of exercises, especially for your upper body. Its lightweight and sturdy design made of reinforced carbon steel assure you of its strength and sturdy structure. Comes ready to use, so simply unbox it and get your workout going. It is engineered to hold a weight of up to 440 pounds (200 kgs), meaning this Doorway pull up bar is a one fit for all body types and people of different ages.

You can opt to use this Doorway pull up bar in any doorway; 27.5 - 36.2 inches (70 - 92 cm) width and 8.2 inches (21 cm) depth, either it be in your office for a few quick pull-ups or your home for routine exercise. With this firm grips and reliable design, it distributes the weight equally on all pressure points so that your door frame is not damaged and that you get a firm and non-slip grip. The steel structure is covered in a foam cushion for a comfy grip. Furthermore thanks to its foldable hooks, this Doorway pull up bar it comes in an easy to store compact shape. so that when you are no using it, you can conveniently store it in tight spaces of your storeroom.

This Doorway pull up bar from ENKEEO is your mini-sized gym right in your home. We all know that keeping a healthy and fit body is becoming every difficult; whether it is because of the daily strenuous routine that we have, the expensive gym memberships or just the laziness of getting to the gym. However, we also know the importance of exercise in our daily life to keep the boy fit and healthy. Therefore, under such conditions this portable and compact sized Doorway pull up bar from ENKEEO is just the right equipment to go to.

This Doorway pull up bar is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product Specifications
Material: Reinforced carbon steel
Weight Capacity: 440 lbs / 200 kg
Folded Dimension: 39.37 x 10 in / 100 x 25.5 cm


Package Includes
1 x ENKEEO pull up bar
1 x Pair of plastic pad
1 x manual
1 x Thank you card

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