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Ski Helmet

The ENKEEO ski helmet with adjustable size and removable ear muffs offers full protection to your head, allowing you to ski down the slopes with confidence.


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  • Lightweight and durable ski helmet offers full protection while sliding down the slopes

  • The thumb wheel allows you to adjust the size of your helmet to perfectly fit your head
  • Never experience a sweaty head again thanks to an innovative ventilation design
  • Removable earmuffs keep your ears warm in the show even without wearing a hat


Ski down the slopes with confidence with the ENKEEO ski helmet. This full ski helmet protects your entire head, keeping you safe from potential accidents outdoors. The helmet has been crafted out of premium and lightweight materials that create a sturdy finish. Thanks to this, you can wear it throughout the day without ever getting a tired neck. For increased safety, the ski helmet is furthermore flame retardant and shock absorbing. Thanks to this, your chances of obtaining a potential head injury while skiing down the slopes will drop significantly when wearing the ENKEEO ski helmet. With its stylish black design, this beauty perfectly fits the outfit of any skier out there. If you’re looking for a cool and comfortable helmet to keep you safe, this gadget from ENKEEO is perfect for you.

Our ski helmet comes in 3 different sizes, allowing it to be worn by children, teenagers, and adults along. For extra convenience, the helmet furthermore comes equipped with a manual thumbwheel at the back. This allows you to adjust the size for a perfect fit around your head. With its padded chin strap, you’ll be treated to a comfortable user experience throughout the day. The eyeglass holder furthermore helps you to keep your ski goggles in place when sliding down the hill. No matter if you’re a beginner or advanced skier, this full ski helmet is guaranteed to meet your safety needs.

The ski helmet comes equipped with removable earmuffs, each of which features thick lining that keeps your head comfortable and warm during the day. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to use your helmet even in freezing temperatures without needing to wear a hat underneath. The earmuffs can be removed and washed individually, making it easy to keep your helmet fresh and clean. For increased comfort, the helmet furthermore features an innovative ventilation design that comes with 14 air vents on top. The air vents can be manually closed when the temperature is too low, or you can open them up for ultimate airflow. Thanks to this, you’ll be treated to a comfortable user experience in both sunny and snowy weather alike.

This ski helmet is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specifications

Material: PC and ABS

Weight: 450g

Dimension: M:54cm-56cm/21-22inch; L: 57cm-59cm/22.5-23inch; XL:60cm-61cm/23.5-24inch


Package content

1 x ENKEEO helmet

1 x User manual

1 x Thank you card

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