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Telescoping Trekking Poles

The ENKEEO telescoping trekking poles feature a convenient height adjustable design which makes them suitable to be used during hiking by men and women alike.

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  • Lightweight aluminum alloy trekking poles for men and women
  • Telescopic design can be easily adjusted in height
  • Soft hand grips with adjustable wrist straps for comfortable usage
  • Suitable for hiking, skiing, rollerblading, and more


Get ready for your next hiking adventure with the ENKEEO telescoping trekking poles. Crafted out of high-end aluminum, these hiking staffs feature an extremely lightweight and durable design. Along with their soft hand grip and adjustable wrist straps they are comfortable to use throughout your entire trekking trip. Their lightweight design makes them easy to hold without you barely notice they’re there. Although light in weight, the hiking poles are very durable. With their anti-shock system, they have been designed to withstand a hit. You can use these all-terrain trekking poles on the normal road, in the mountains, and even in the snow. No matter where your upcoming trekking adventure will take you, with the telescoping trekking poles from ENKEEO, it will always feel like a walk in the park.

With their telescoping design, these state of the art trekking poles can be easily adjusted in height. Thanks to this, they can be used comfortably by people of any length, both men, women, and children alike. The foldable design furthermore makes your trekking poles easy to carry around in your backpack or store away when not in use. Simply collapse your sticks and carry them along anywhere you go. To further add to a comfortable user experience, the trekking poles come with soft and ergonomic hand grips that are crafted out of TPR foam. Along with the adjustable straps that comfortably fit around your wrists, you can be assured of safe and comfortable user experience at all times.

The multipurpose design of these trekking poles allow you to use them for a wide range of different outdoor activities. Whether it’s skiing, hiking, or rollerblading, these sticks are there to back you up. With their mud baskets at the end of each pole, you can be assured that they won’t sink into the earth when walking on soft soil. Thanks to this, you can be assured that you’ll be treated to great balance assistance no matter where you are. Besides offering balance, the trekking poles furthermore reduce stress on the knees, thighs, shoulders, and lower back thanks to their anti-shock mechanism. As a result, you’ll be able to undergo both a more comfortable and healthier trekking experience.

These trekking poles are brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specifications
Handle material: TPR
Shaft material: Aluminum alloy
Pole tip: Iron
Pole extension: 25.59’’-53.14’’ /65-135cm
Weight: 11.74oz /333g (x2)


Package includes
2x Trekking poles
2x Mud baskets
2x Rubber feet
2x Wrist straps
1x Connector

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