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All Terrain Snowshoes

With the ENKEEO all terrain snowshoes, you get places where other people don't. Simply attach them to your shoes or boots, and you're ready to head outdoors.

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  • Professional snowshoe kit lets you walk through the deepest of snow without sinking
  • Fashionable and lightweight design is comfortable to wear throughout the day
  • Easy to use adjustable straps can be attached to any size shoe or boot on the market
  • Unisex snowshoes perfect for wilderness hiking and backcountry mountaineering


With the ENKEEO all-terrain snowshoes, you get places where others don’t. These snowshoes are perfect for embarking upon an adventurous winter hike into the wild. With this winter gear under your feet, there truly is no limit to where you can go. Thanks to their lightweight design, you can easily and comfortably wear them throughout the day. The snowshoes have been crafted out of high-end aluminum which does not only make them light in weight, but also extremely durable. You can wear these beauties in the deepest snow and toughest weather conditions. No matter where you are headed next, The ENKEEO snowshoes will always be at your side.

These all-terrain snowshoes come with easy to use adjustable straps. Simply slide them under your regular winter shoes or boots, tighten the straps, and you’ll be ready to go. The snowshoes feature a fashionable orange and black design which gives them a cool and adventurous look. Thanks to their adjustable straps and unisex design, they can be worn comfortably by men, women, and children alike. If you’re looking for a durable and convenient winter gear that follows you anywhere you go, the ENKEEO snowshoes are perfect for you. From now on, you’ll be able to head out into the untouched wild during the winter months without needing to worry about getting stuck in the snow.

The snowshoes come along with a convenient carry bag. This allows you to easily store them away when not in use or carry them along while heading outdoors. The multi-purpose and all-terrain design allows you to use them in any winter scenario. Whether you use them to take a hike in the snow, for backcountry mountaineering, or for working outdoors during the winter months - these snowshoes are guaranteed to meet your needs. Simply strap them on, and even the deepest snow won’t stop you from where you’re going.

These snowshoes are brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specifications
Color: Black and Orange
Frame: Aluminum alloy
Bindings: DuPont performance material with metal shaft
Deck: PE material
Heel Straps: TPE material


Package includes
1x Snowshoes
1x Carry bag
1x Manual

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