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Bike Cable Lock

If you're looking for a high-end bike cable lock, ENKEEO is the right place for you. We offer the best bike locks at an affordable price.


United States


  • Cut-resistant and high-quality braided steel provides ideal protection to your bike.
  • Smart keyhole cover design prevents it from dust, dirt, and rainwater.
  • Included plastic lock holder to easily mount the lock on your bike for easy transportation.
  • Perfect for bike, gates, scooters, motorcycles, grills, fences, office door, and more.


ENKEEO’s bike cable lock protects your bike in public areas, outdoor parking, and in your schools and offices. It drastically cuts down the risk of your bike being stolen, and you have assured the peace of mind with this lock. This bike lock is made of high-quality flexible braided steel, which is highly rust-resistant and provides you with a durable lock. A PVC coating is used to cover the surface of the lock for extra protection and preventing the lock from marking any scratches on your bike, so lock your bike without worrying to damage your bike’s beautiful colors and patterns. The keyhole is made by strong zinc alloy material and the lock comes with two additional keys. They are added with our bike cable lock for convenience; the sturdy and stainless steel design of the key makes it unable to be bent or broken. In addition, a blue cover protects the keyhole, and it guarantees a clean inner condition and prevents from lint, dirt, and dust from clogging it on the inside. This bike cable lock gives you the confidence, so you can park your bike, lock it and walk away and do all your work and duties with a peace of mind. Simply insert the key into the keyhole, and a simple switch will release your bike.

A smart lock holder design simplifies the way you carry your bike cable lock, you can mount it on your bike frame for easy transportation. This helps you to store your lock in right place instead of hitching on the bicycle's grip. The adjustable lock holder features integrated non-slip pads, which makes sure no slipping off of the lock and ensure that it doesn't leave behind any scratches. Moreover, the self-coiling cable design rolls it up automatically after each use. Get ENKEEO’s bike cable lock and go for a ride, with the lock on, you are assured highest levels of safety.

Our self-coiling bike cable lock provides you with a simple locking mechanism, it prevents your bike or properties from been stolen and ensures the highest level of security. It is designed with a flexible length (up to 68.9″) and light-weighted (0.88 lbs), you can use it for more than one purposes. Instead of locking your bike only, it is also an ideal protector for gates, scooters, fences, grills, lawnmowers, sports equipment or other valuables.

This bike cable lock is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product Specifications
Lock material: steel lock with PVC coating
Key core: zinc alloy
Dimensions: (D x L) 0.47 x 68.9 inches (12mm x 175cm)
Net weight: 0.88lbs (0.4 kg)


Package contents
1x ENKEEOlock
1x Bike lock mount
2x Keys
1x Thank you card
1x Box

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