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Caster Board

The flexibly built ENKEEO caster board is safe and smooth to ride. Experience complete freedom as if you're out on the slopes or cruising on a wave.

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  • High-quality ABS board material ensures the caster board to have higher resistance.
  • Anti-slip stripes on both sides of the deck aim for more safety while riding.
  • Lightweight design makes the caster board portable and easy to carry around.
  • Smoothly carve down the road in style - an ideal gift for your loved ones.

    The ENKEEO caster board is designed with the idea of excellent performance and control. When you ride this board, you’ll experience complete freedom as if you're out on the slopes or cruising on a wave. These beautifully designed caster boards come in a long shape with rounded front and back. Additionally, they feature elevated lips. Each board consists of two separate boards. They are connected with a rod and each separate board is equipped with a centered wheel. The distinguished designing features of the caster board define a special riding style. Especially compared to a traditional skateboard, when riding a caster board, you don't need to push your foot forward to move the board. You can simply pressure your heel and toes to ride the caster board smoothly. In addition, you can also jump well with one. This caster board is designed to perform all sorts of jump styles. However, it might be challenging for new skaters when you’re practicing jumping tricks on a caster board for the first time. While for those who have trained well on skateboards, it would be easy for them to jump on one as well.

    We aim to provide every skater with a smooth and safe skating experience on this caster board. Each caster board is well constructed with durable materials. The rod between the two separate boards is made of iron and steel torsion. The sturdy rod connects the two boards securely, making for a smooth and safe riding experience  on the caster board. You won't have to worry about the boards accidentally coming apart. In addition, the application of ABS on the boards enhances the durability and life span of the caster board. Furthermore, during night's skating, a pair of PU casters can ensure your safety by making you more visible. The shining vibrant colors they radiate at night allow pedestrians and car drivers to spot you easily. The anti-slip strips employed at both ends of the caster board also offer more stability and control over the board. Those can effectively prevent you from accidental falling.

    This caster board can make a thoughtful gift for a loved one with its fun and flexible build. Its lightweight design makes it simple to carry. Give this to your kids and let them smoothly carve down the streets in style with their new caster board. For future safety concerns, we strongly advise you to always wear a helmet, elbow pads, gloves, and knee pads whilst you enjoy your rides. It is important to do necessary warm up before starting your rides as well. Moreover, please use this caster board on smooth surfaces for an increased lifespan of the product and overall amazing riding experience.

    This caster board is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.



    This product is recommended for users above 10 years of age.


    Package Includes

    1 x Caster board

    1 x Carrying pouch

    2 x Keys

    1 x Thank you card


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