ENKEEO BKV-1205 Cordless Bike Computer Rechargeable

ENKEEO BKV-1205 Cordless Bike Computer Rechargeable

Find rechargeable bike computer with the latest technology and smartest design; ENKEEO offers a wide range of quality cycling gadgets at an affordable price.

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  • Measures your current and average riding speed accurately.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of an LED backlight.
  • Capable of recording and saving data up to 7 days continuously.
  • Innovative wired design ensures batter data transmission.


ENKEEO's small and lightweight rechargeable wired bike computer allows you to mount it on your bike's frame with ease. The easy-to-read LED backlight display works up to 12 hours with a single charge, and you can conveniently read the display even in low light conditions. It comes with a wired sensor to connect with the computer. This smart design ensures perfect statistical information transmission without environmental interference. Moreover, it provides you with current, average, and max cadence data; it also shows the real-time comparison between different speeds. With a smart design, this rechargeable wired bike computer is a great cycling data recorder.

Our rechargeable wired bike computer also provides you with a cadence sensor to measure the RPM. The wired design between these two sensors enhances the veracity of data that can be collected. Our wired bike computer easily finds out and records your riding speed preference, and then displays it on the monitor to remind you for your safety (only starts tracking when the bike is moving, pedal strokes alone won't be able to turn it on). In addition, this rechargeable wired bike computer features daylight and a night-vision mode, so you don't need to worry about the visibility under the sun or under the dark night's sky.

This rechargeable wired bike computer offers you the basic and necessary functions that a beginner or professional rider needs. Its smart design increases the performance of the integrated battery as a result. This little device automatically summarizes your riding data for up to 7 days, and it can work for 2 different bicycles for statistical information recording. The corded design ensures optimal data transmission, meaning that our rechargeable wired bike computer will not suffer from any electromagnetic interference from your phone or other radio signals.

This rechargeable wired bike computer is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.

Note: Please remember to charge the device for at least one hour when the battery dies out.


Product specifications
Battery: 120mAh lithium-rechargeable battery
Working temperature: 12℉ to 122℉ (-20℃ to 50℃) 
Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.6 x 0.8 inches (6.3 x 4.0 x 2.0 cm)
Weight: 1.06 oz (30g )


Package Includes
1 x Computer unit
1 x Bracket with a wired sensor
1 x Speed magnet
2 x Rubber slice
4 x Plastic strap
1 x O-ring
1 x USB cable



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