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Fishing Reel

Offering class-leading performance at a great value, this excellent fishing reel delivers the extreme durability and smooth drag that seasoned anglers demand.

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  • Integrated 10+1 BBs corrosion-resistant ball bearing for great strength and durability
  • Rugged Nylon 6 body with CNC machined aluminum handle ensures high performance
  • Superior drag system and the left/right handed changing design for convenient and easy use
  • With its sleek and streamlined design, this fishing reel turns any angler into a pro

Enjoy your angling life with this fishing reel from ENKEEO. Offering class-leading performance at a great value, this excellent fishing reel delivers the extreme durability and smooth drag that seasoned anglers demand. It comes with a 10+1 BBs precise ball bearing system, which ensures smooth operation with its 11 stainless steel balls. It also comes with an instant anti-reverse bearing that provides improved crank control. It has a hardened stainless steel main shaft, making it a perfect rust-free drive gear for catching the strongest of fish. From a soft-touch EVA handle knob to the flexible silver switch setup, the fishing reel is designed for better comfort and less fatigue. It furthermore offers great convenience to switch between both hands thanks to its smart left/right handed changing design.

Our high-performance fishing reel supports a big line storage capability (up to 120 mm), this treats you to more than enough power to smoothly catch the biggest fish. No worry about fishing skills! Our fishing reel comes with 3 types of different models to select. All the ENKEEO fishing tools enhance your possibilities of catching the fish of your dreams no matter where you’re at. The super light design ensures easy operation and can be carried around everywhere you go. Plus, you'll also enjoy outstanding pulling power thanks to the reel's superior drag system, which provides extreme responsiveness without compromising rigidity to produce smooth yet forceful drag. With a matching design and appearance, this fishing reel also fits perfectly with ENKEEO’s fishing rod. Together, they form the perfect fishing tool for you.

The use of this pro fishing reel simplifies your way of angling. Whether you use it in an exciting angling game, while fishing for fun outside, or during one of your upcoming outdoor fishing trips; this practical tool is sure to meet all your fishing needs. It comes with a drag knob to easily change the drag settings before or while fishing. Thanks to its great bearing of up to 20 lbs of strength, you can pull the biggest fish out of the thickest cover. If you're a true fishing lover who loves to head out on a regular angling trip, ENKEEO’s fishing reel is a perfect gadget for you.

This fishing reel is brought to you by ENKEEO, your online supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specifications

Ball bearings: 10+1BBs  

2000 weight: 270g, gear ratio: 5.2:1, line capacity (mm/m): 0.22/120 0.25/100 0.28/80, drag: 20 lbs

3000 weight: 275g, gear ratio: 5.2:1, line capacity (mm/m): 0.25/130 0.28/120 0.3/100,, drag: 20 lbs

4000 weight: 360g, gear ratio: 4.9:1, line capacity (mm/m): 0.28/150 0.3/140 0.32/120, drag: 20 lbs


Package includes

1 x ENKEEO fishing reel

1 x Thank you card 

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