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Foldable Fishing Net

With this compactly foldable fishing net at your side, you'll never get back empty handed from an upcoming fishing trip again.

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  • The triangular net design makes it easy to swing in the water with minimum effort.
  • Formed by high-quality quick-drying nylon mesh which ensures durable usage.
  • Hang the fishing net from a tree for quick drying with the integrated belt clip.
  • Foldable design for easy usage and transportation.


A proper fishing net helps you to catch your favorite fish with great ease. ENKEEO aims to provide you with high-quality tools for a better fishing experience. Our foldable fishing net employs durable E-glass to form the pole, which ensures the best quality. Instead of buying extra fish baskets, you are allowed to mount it in the water and keep everything inside alive. Rather than using paint spraying, our fishing net is covered by fine plating on the surface for better appearance and eco-friendly user experience. This extra protector not only makes it better looking but also enhances the overall quality. In addition, the mesh of this fishing gear is made of sturdy industrial nylon for long-lasting usage, which indicates our foldable fishing net can hold up to 10 lbs without needing to worry about the net breaking down.

Now leave the sofa, switch off the TV, and take our foldable fishing net to enjoy an exciting fishing trip! No matter whether you just step into fishing or if you are more experienced than others, ENKEEO’s fishing net is guaranteed to meet your needs. Our foldable fishing net uses ultra lightweight materials to control its weight (1.12 lbs), which allows you to carry it around and use it with great ease.

The foldable design makes this foldable fishing net very easy to use and to be carried around. When you trigger the quick-folding switch, the triangular net head will become round so you can roll it up as short as 18.5". The triangular design helps you to scoop your fish much easier. Knotless nylon micro mesh makes sure it keeps the fish in without harming the fish’s scales. In addition, this foldable fishing net comes with a belt clip for easy transportation. This clip furthermore allows you to hang your net from a tree for quick drying.

This foldable fishing net is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specifications 
Load capacity: 10 lbs/4.54 kg
Weight: 1.12 lbs/0.51 kg
Length: 33 in
Hoop size: 16 x 16 x 16 in
Mesh size: 0.2 in/5 mm
Net bag depth: 14 in/35.6 cm

Package includes
1 x Fishing net
1 x User manual 

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