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Hardened Steel Bike U Lock

Discover high-quality bike U lock with ENKEEO, durable material ensures long-lasting usage. Now available for only $19.99!

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  • Hardened steel with PVC coating helps against cuttings; making for a long-lasting and durable U lock.
  • Made of sturdy and very strong material, protecting your bike and property.
  • A plastic lock holder that easily mounts on your bike frame for easy transportation.
  • Perfect for bike, gates, fences, motorcycles, office doors, patio doors, and more.


ENKEEO’s bike U lock enhances the security of your bikes in public areas, it lowers the risk of your bike been stolen by thieves. This U lock is made of durable and heavy-duty hardened steel, which makes it impossible to cut it or breakable. It is covered by PVC plastic coating on the surface, this smart design ensures to leave no scratch and damage to the coating of your bike. Moreover, this bicycle U lock is very easy to use, you can fit your wear-resistant key into the silver keyhole and a simple switch will unlock your bike. The key and keyhole of this bike U lock are also made of high-quality copper, which enhances its ability to be rust-resistant.

This bike U lock comes with a plastic lock holder, which allows you to mount your bike lock in order for easy transportation. This lock holder with its adjustable dimension of 1 inch to 1.4 inches allows you to mount it on your bike firmly. The integrated non-slip pad makes sure no slipping and no scratches. Grip ENKEEO's U lock and go for a ride, our bike U lock is always there to protect your bike all the times.

Our bike U lock is sturdy and rust-resistant; thieves cannot pick, pull and drill it. It is more than a single bike lock, thanks to its large dimension (10 x 6.5 inches) you are able to use it to lock your motorcycles, gates, fences, office, store as alternatives. With the protection of our bike lock, you are able to freely park your bike in public areas. Just leave your ride with our bike U lock on it, and ENKEEO ensures your ride's safety.

This bike U lock is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specification
Dimension: 10"L x 6.5"W (255mm x 165mm)
U Shaped shackle: 0.47" (12mm)
Crossbar: 1.38" (35mm)
Net weight: 2.4lbs (1.09kg)
Key core: copper
U shaped shackle: hardened steel with PVC coating


Package content
1x ENKEEO U lock
1x Bike lock mount
2x Keys
1x Thank you card
1x Box

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