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Carbon Fiber Ski Poles

The ENKEEO carbon fiber ski poles are perfect for all your favorite outdoor winter activities including skiing, hiking, mountaineering, and more.

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  • Heavy duty ski poles crafted out of carbon fiber with chrome plating and steel tips
  • Lightweight and durable design perfect for hiking, skiing, and cross country
  • Comfortable hand grips crafted out of EVA foam for an ultra-soft sweat-proof hold
  • Professional outdoor equipment suitable for both summer and winter activities


These durable carbon fiber ski poles from ENKEEO are a must have winter gadget for all the outdoor lovers among us. With these ski sticks at your side, you’ll never lose balance in the snow again. Each ski pole has been crafted out of high-end carbon fiber for extra durability. Thanks to this, they are extremely tough while, at the same time, light in weight. This makes them easy to carry around and comfortable to use no matter what activity you’re engaged in. Each stick furthermore features chrome plating and comes with stainless steel tips for extra grip on ice, snow, and grass. With the superior basket at the end of the stick, you can be assured you won’t sink into any soft surface while hiking or skiing outdoors. If you’re looking for affordable yet high-quality ski poles, these sticks from ENKEEO are a perfect choice for you.

Each of our ski poles comes equipped with a comfortable hand grip that has been crafted out of EVA foam. This foam offers a soft and comfortable grip while holding your ski sticks in your hand. Besides offering a comfortable user experience, these ergonomic hand grips are furthermore sweat proof. As of such, you won’t have to worry about sweaty hands while engaging in your favorite outdoor activity. Although originally designed for skiing, cross country, and winter hiking, these poles can also be used perfectly for summer activities. Think for instance about regular hiking, grass skiing, trail running, or roller skating. No matter what sport you like most, these high-end ski poles are there to offer a helping hand.

With its lightweight carbon fiber design, our ski poles weight merely 170 grams. Although light in weight, they are extremely durable. This allows you to use them for years to come. These perfectly designed ski sticks are great for both professional skiers and recreational winter sports lovers alike. Our ski poles come in different sizes, making them suitable for people of any length. Whether you use them for skiing, cross country, hiking, or roller skating, these sticks are guaranteed to meet your demands. From now on, you never have to worry about losing balance again while enjoying your favorite outdoor sports.

These ski poles are brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specifications
Shaft material: 100% Carbon fiber, 18mm
Handle material: EVA foam
Length: 47.24inches/120cm - 51nches/130cm
Weight: 6oz/170g each


Package includes
2x Ski poles
1x Manual

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