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Height Adjustable Trekking Poles

Light-weight height adjustable trekking poles with a high-end cork handle offer a comfortable hiking experience to men and women of any length.

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  • Comfortably hike on any type of terrain with these lightweight trekking sticks
  • Telescopic design allows you to easily adjust the height of your poles
  • Ultra-lightweight design crafted out of carbon fiber for easy usage
  • Features soft EVA sweat resistant hand grips and adjustable wrist straps


With these height adjustable trekking poles, you’ll be able to comfortably hike on any type of terrain. Whether you use them for your regular outdoor hike around the bock or for off-road tracking on mountainous terrain, these trekking poles are guaranteed to meet your needs. With these walking sticks at your side, you’ll undergo a comfortable and stable hiking experience no matter where you’re at. Not only does this make your hiking trip easier, but it also significantly increases your safety. Using a walking stick furthermore reduces the pressure on your knees and lower back, which makes them a smart choice from a health perspective as well. If you’re a true outdoor enthusiast who loves to go for a hike, the ENKEEO height adjustable trekking poles are a perfect gadget for you.

The trekking poles have been crafted out of carbon fiber which gives them an ultra-light finish. As of such, they can be used comfortably by men, women, and children of any age. To add further comfort, each trekking pole comes with soft EVA foam hand grips that are sweat resistant. Along with its adjustable wrist-straps, it offers a safe and secure user experience to anybody out there. To ensure the trekking poles are suitable for anybody, they come with a height adjustable design. The easy click system allows you to choose from 3 pre-set heights to choose from. This makes it extremely easy and quick the adjust the length of your trekking poles.

These multi-purpose trekking poles come with a wide range of different accessories. The package includes snow baskets, mud baskets, and even rubber tips. This allows you to use your hiking sticks on any type of terrain and in any environment. Whether you use them for hiking, running, skiing, or rollerblading, these height adjustable hiking sticks are guaranteed to meet your demands. Along with their lightweight design, ergonomic and comfortable usage, and telescopic shaft, there simply is no better hiking pole available at a similar price. If you’re looking for affordable yet top-grade hiking equipment, you can’t go wrong with the ENKEEO trekking poles.

These hiking poles are brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specifications
Collapsed length: 65 cm / 25.6 in
Extended length: 135 cm / 53.1 in
Net weight: 520g (1.15 pounds) per trekking pole
Pole material: Carbon fiber
Cork grip material: EVA
Quick lock material: Aluminium alloy
Pole tip material: Tungsten steel


Package includes
2x Trekking pole
1x Pole clip
4x Rubber tip
2x Snow basket
2x Mud basket
1x User manual

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