1. How to create an account and join as a member?

Click “Sign In/ Create Account” and fill up all required information, then click “Create Account” button to submit.

  1. Shopping Guideline

You can either choose to buy items from the website via clicking “Add to Cart” button and completing payment or go to our official ENKEEO Amazon site to make a purchase.

  1. How many payment methods do you support?

We currently only accept payment through Paypal.

  1. What is the warranty?

All ENKEEO brand products come with a manufacturer’s 12-month warranty. If you encounter any problems with your product during this period, simply email us at support@enkeeo.com for assistance.

  1. How to request a return or refund?

ENKEEO uses a 30-day free return policy. Please emails us the reasons of why you want a return or refund at support@enkeeo.com, we will get back to you shortly once we receive your request.

All the reasons have to be in line with our return policy, otherwise, we may deny your request directly.

  1. When will an out-of-stock item that I want to buy be restocked again?

The availability of each of our products is shown on every single product page. As we are taking a strict management of our inventory control, the quantity of each product is limited. We will take our customers’ suggestions and historical trading data to restock the pieces as per customers’ demands.

  1. How long will it take to get my items delivered after I’ve made a payment? Where to check the shipping status?

Usually, It takes about 7 business days to ship out items to your address once the payment is done, but sometimes, the actual delivering days may vary due to our distribution policy (90% orders will be processed directly by the Amazon FBA warehouse, while the rest 10% orders will be dispatched via our self-owned U.S or Europe warehouses).

You will get a notification email after we ship out your items, there will be an attached tracking number with an express company’s name, so you can track down your items whenever you want.


If there is anything you are still unclear about or willing to know more after reading the FAQs above, please email us your queries at support@enkeeo.com. Any suggestions are welcome as well. Thank you.

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