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2-People Parachute Hammock

Made of water-resistant and mildew resistant material nylon, the 2-people parachute hammock by ENKEEO is a great hammock to take on your adventures.

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  • Comfortable and durable parachute hammock made of nylon fabric
  • Resistant 2-people camping hammock with a capacity of 440 lbs/200 kg
  • Extremely lightweight and compact to carry around for the holidays
  • Easy to set up with the included ropes and carabineers to hang on trees


The ENKEEO parachute hammock is a large, lightweight, and sturdy camping hammock that fits up to two adults as it withstands a weight of up to 440 lbs/ 200kg. This hammock is made of nylon fabric, this is why it receives the name of parachute hammock because it uses the same nylon material as parachutes. Our parachute hammock is available in two different colors (orange and army green colors) and both have the same capacity and size. Choose your favorite color and enjoy the hammock life. Hang it from trees or poles, kick off your shoes and lay back to enjoy a good read, listen to music, sleep, or enjoy the breeze of nature.

This is a double camping hammock made of nylon for one or two people. Nylon is a sturdy and very durable material and makes long-lasting and high-quality hammocks. Thus, this fabric has some mildew-resistant qualities so you can use it outdoors without having to worry much about it getting dirty or muddy. When it gets dirty, you can wash it by hand or with the washing machine, and it will dry quickly. This parachute hammock is a tree-hammock style hammock as you can hang it between two trees or poles, thus, it is an outdoors hammock. It comes with 2 straps with stainless steel hooks and 2 carabineers to hang it and adjust the perfect angle within minutes. Secure the straps to the trees/poles and use carabineers to attach the straps and the hammock together. The setup process is hassle-free as no tools are required to put together the camping hammock.

Next time you go on holidays, take this nylon parachute hammock for two people and chill while enjoying the breeze of the sea or mountains. This camping hammock is super lightweight and compact, perfect to carry with you. It only weighs 1.16 lbs / 0.53 kg and measures 102 inches x 51 inches (260 cm x 130 cm). You can fold it away when not in use and store it in the carrying bag. Go ahead and set up this nylon parachute hammock in your backyard, for a BBQ party, picnic, camping or the park. Enjoy the pleasure of laying on it while reading a book, listening to music or while you sleep or take a nice nap outdoors.

This parachute hammock is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specifications
Main material: parachute nylon fabric
Weight capacity: 440 lbs/ 200 kg
Weight: 1.16 lbs / 0.53 kg
Straps: 9.84 feet/ 3 meters
Dimension: 102 inches x 51 inches (260 cm x 130 cm)


Package includes
1 x ENKEEO parachute hammock
1 x Carrying bag
2 x Carabineer
2 x Rope

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