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Concealed Carry Gun Holster

This concealed carry gun holster is suitable for comfortably carrying small subcompact, compact, and even full-sized pistols and revolvers around your waist.

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  • Breathable design can be comfortably worn throughout the day in summer and winter
  • Tight and adjustable design fits around the waist of any person
  • Conveniently built, suitable for full-size pistols, revolvers, and other security gadgets
  • Perfect for security, law enforcement, military, or for a friendly airsoft match


With the concealed carry gun holster from ENKEEO, you’ll be able to carry along your side-arm without anybody noticing. This holster has been crafted out of ultra-soft and comfortable materials which allow you to wear it throughout the day without barely noticing it’s there. The neoprene material is furthermore breathable and ultra-fast to dry. Thanks to this, you can also comfortably wear it during the hot summer months ahead. The soft material can be worn directly against your skin without having to worry about any irritations. The concealed carry gun holster furthermore comes with extra padding which adds more softness and comfort.

Thanks to a flexible design that has been crafted out of 100cm long neoprene material, this concealed gun holster can be worn around any part of your body no matter your size. Wear it around your waist, inside or outside of your clothes, or in the appendix position. Simply choose the carrying method you feel most comfortable with, attach the gun holster, and you’ll be ready to go. Thanks to a strong Velcro strap, the holster will be kept in place throughout the day even when you’re running around. The adjustable design makes this concealed carry gun holster the perfect gadget for both men and women alike.

The concealed carry gun holster offers easy carrying for any type of side-arm. It’s suitable to be used for a small subcompact, compact, and even full-sized pistols and revolvers such as the 380, 9mm, 40 auto, 45 ACP, 38 special, and more. The carrying holster comes with a convenient extra pocket that can be used for holding your cell phone, pepper spray, flashlight, knife, or other security gadgets. Measuring 10cm in depth, this holster allows you to easily conceal any type of gadget or side-arm under your shirt. The retention strap features a metal clip for a fast and secure draw and, at the same time, it prevents your side-arm from slipping out while walking around. Whether you use it for military use, law enforcement, personal protection, or during an airsoft game - the ENKEEO concealed carry holster is guaranteed to meet your needs.

This concealed carry gun holster is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


Product specifications

Material: Neoprene

Dimensions: 43.3 x 4.92 inches/ 110 x 12.5 cm

Net Weight: 0.33 lbs./ 150 g


Package content

1 x Gun holster

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