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Fishing Lure Set

The ENKEEO fishing lure set comes with an abundance of plastic and metal lures that help you catch all your favorite fish.

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  • 106 different types of fishing tackles including hard, soft, and metal baits, top-water fishing lures, and more.
  • Lifelike tackles such as worms and shrimps for luring all types of fish.
  • Lightweight and portable tackle box allow you to carry it around with ease.
  • Artificial baits are formed by eco-friendly plastic for sustainable usage.


Don’t question your skills if you think fishing is hard, you just need to upgrade your lure set for better performance. ENKEEO’s fishing lure set is made of durable plastic and rust-resistant metal, allowing you to use it for years to come. A better lifelike appearance always attracts water creatures. The vivid color makes our lures look like a real treat to the fish, effectively luring them to your bait. These lures are not only priced at the lowest price you can find, but they also are one of the most effective fishing tackles. Moreover, it is a great choice for all fishing lovers as it comes with a fishing lure set in different sizes and colors. No matter what kind of fish you are hoping for, it will eventually bait your hook.

Comparing with live baits, this artificial fishing lure set is more durable and recyclable. Unlike with real worms, you don’t need to keep your bait fresh to attract fishes. These lures are made of sturdy plastic and anti-rust metal for longer usage. The high-quality finish assures that a single bait from a fish won’t damage it. In addition, it comes with a portable tackle box for transportation that can be easily carried around thanks to its light-weighted design (0.78 lbs). With this fishing lure set, you can always catch your fish quickly and effectively.

Get your hands on the ENKEEO lure set and get ready for your next fishing trip. You don’t need to worry about the food, as our decoy guarantees to bring you fishes when you need. No matter whether you are a new learner or an experienced master, our fishing lure set always offers you the perfect selection. It is suitable for both freshwater/saltwater, offshore, rock fishing, and a whole lot more. No matter your fishing needs, our lure set is guaranteed to meet them all.

This fishing lure set is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


The colors of some items may come randomly.
The amount of some items may slightly vary.

Product specifications
Position: lake, pool, river, sea, pond.
Box Size: 8.3” x 4.3” x 2.0”/21 x 11 x 5 cm
Weight: 0.78 lbs/0.356 kg

What’s in the tackle box (This is not a complete list!)
1 x lipless popper
1 x vibration lure
1 x minnow lure
1 x pencil poper
4 x spinner bait
1 x crank bait
1 x scissors
9 x crickets
2 x trailers
5 x shrimps
3 x jig heads
5 x fishing hooks
5 x single tail grubs
5 x double tail grubs
3 x copper bullet weights sinkers
and more fishing accessories bonus! 

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