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Kick Scooter

The ENKEEO kick scooter is safe, lightweight, flexible. Ideal for youngsters and adults to hit on the roads, or to play some amazing tricks.

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  • A robust kick scooter that is safe, lightweight, flexible and height adjustable.
  • Large PU wheels are ready for better performance in complex road conditions.
  • The deck is dull polished to be anti-slip, ensuring more safety when riding.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble with a fully adjustable handlebar.

    Go out and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle with this ENKEEO classic kick scooter. You can travel with a kick scooter to work, to hit on the roads, or to play some amazing tricks on carves. The fun never ends with a kick scooter. It's ideal for both youngsters and adults. Featuring an ergonomic design, this classic scooter provides every user with a safe and smooth riding experience. If you're looking for a robust kick scooter, which is safe, lightweight, flexible, height adjustable and foldable, seek no more. This scooter is just perfect for you. You'll have a stable ride with its large PU wheels and the sharp brake system. The rear fender brake also ensures more safety while riding in case you ever need an immediate halt.

    The whole body of the kick scooter is built sturdy and safe. This kick scooter is constructed with durable aluminum alloy, from handlebar to deck. The application of durable materials allows for more stability when riding. Equipped with 2 oversized PU wheels of 200mm in diameter, the kick scooter can outperform any other scooter with smaller wheels in complex road conditions. The PU covered wheels can absorb bumps and create a stable and smooth glide for the kick scooter. The robust deck is dull polished to be anti-slip. It also features a purple and blue galaxy finish that would give your ride a new kind of cool breath. The T-size handle is ergonomically designed. Both ends are padded with rubber to offer a soft, anti-slip grip when riding.

    The kick scooter is also super flexible and lightweight. You can easily fold the scooter by simply using the folding system. Fold the scooter into a smaller size so that you can carry it around easily. Thanks to its lightweight design, you'll find the kick scooter is as light as your handbag. You can also release the scooter hassle free when you fancy a ride. After releasing, simply adjust the height of the handlebar to a level that suits you best. It is adjustable from 35 to 39 inches in height, allowing a comfortable ride for youngsters and adults of any length. In addition, the built-in side kickstand lets you park your vehicle when you are off. You can easily place your kick scooter without worrying about it falling over while you’re not around.

    This classic kick scooter is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.



    This product is recommended for users above 6 years of age.


    Product specifications

    Material: Aluminum alloy frame, rubber handle, and PU wheels

    Head tube length: 35 x 37 x 39 inches (88 x 94 x 100 cm)

    Weight: 8.29 lbs (3.76 kg)

    Weight capacity: 176 lbs (80 kg)


    Package Includes

    1 x Kick scooter

    1 x Tool kit

    1 x User manual

    1 x Thank you card

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