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Mummy Sleeping Bag

Mummy sleeping bag at ENKEEO is designed for ultimate comfort and an easy night's sleep on your camping, hiking, trekking and more adventures.

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  • Mummy sleeping bag made of breathable hollow cotton to give you comfortable sleeping experience in a temperature range of 23°F to 37°F.
  • Weighing in at 4.6lbs and made of  100% water resistant polyester linings; with easy folding design for easy carriage.
  • Large sleeping space with 33" head area, 91" in length and 22" in the foot box.
  • A two-way zipper that can be combined with another envelop sleeping bag to make a queen sized sleeping sack for couples.


A good night's sleep or some quick zzz's are always important when you are out in the wild adventuring through the woods on your hiking, camping or other activities. With ENKEEOs mummy sleeping bag we ensure you a comfortable and peaceful sleep. This product comes with a large sleeping area measuring at 33.5" (85cm) at the hood, 22" (55cm) at the foot box and 91" (230cm) in length. Thus, giving you ample space to sleep easy. With its built-in hood, you can easily cover your head while still have a clear and open breathing space, make it a perfect sleeping bag as a whole and especially for those who do not like to cover their face while sleeping.

This mummy sleeping bag is a highly durable product; the outer lining is made of waterproof taffeta and the inner lining from long-lasting pongee with soft and breathable 1500g hollow cotton fillings. The hollow cotton lets your body moisture evaporates easily which minimizes the amount of heat lost during your sleeping period. With the high-quality material used in its production, this sleeping bag alone is sufficient for you to keep your body warm while you sleep in temperature ranges from 27°F to 37°F (-3°C to 3°C); making this mummy sleeping bad an ideal winter sleeping bag.

Weighing in at only 4.6lbs (2.1 kg), this mummy sleeping bag can be folded into a compact size and shape and be easily packed into a carrying bag which is included in the package. This makes carrying the sleeping sack very easy so you can take it with you anywhere you want. It also comes with an inner pocket close to your hand so you can store you valuable in there, and sleep without any worries of theft. The foot box helps with keeping your feet in a natural sleeping position for a night of better sleep. Overall, this mummy sleeping bag is a wonderful sleeping bag, with an installed hood to keep your head warm during cold winter nights.

This mummy sleeping bag is brought to you by ENKEEO, your supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor sports equipment for travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and athletes.


This sleeping bag is not suitable for high altitudes or extreme temperatures use.
Keep this product away from naked flames or fire sources as it might catch fire.
Do not use an agitation top loading machine to clean it.
Do not bleach or use harsh chemicals on it.
Do not tumble dry, iron, or dry clean it.

Product Specifications
Dimension: 84.6’’ L x 35.4’’ W /215cm(180+35) Lx 90cm W
Filling: 2.33lbs/1060g Hollow Cotton
Shell Fabric: 100% Water-Resistant Taffeta
Lining: 100% Polyester Pongee
Weight: 3.5lbs/1.6kg

Package Includes
1x ENKEEO Sleeping Bag
1x Compression Case

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